Attracting the right candidates for your team is challenging. There are many new trends that attempt to make the process of recruiting easier. One of them is an applicant tracking system which allows the company to gather information about the assets of the applicants and hire faster. But once you build your team, you have to dedicate time to building the team and creating loyal bonds.

The success of every company is entirely due to the efforts of all the team members who give their best for the collective good of the organization. In order to motivate your team, you might consider having at least one team day event per annum. A team day (or days) might be a form of bespoke or tailor-made corporate team-building event/s and experiences that are designed to create that perfect team. Let us see how you can go about organizing your team day to get the best results from your team:

  • What is the nature and type of event you have in mind?
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You can have either an indoor or an outdoor event. In either case, there will be a massive range of diverse games and programs for that event. You will have to figure out just what you want your team members to remember from the event. Once you figure that out you can hold your event accordingly. The type of event will depend upon its objectives as well as is the ease with which you can analyze the event’s success.

  • Where do you intend to hold the event?

You have to figure out the location of the event even before you start planning it. You should come up with at least a rough idea of the games and activities you want to conduct and these activities will guide you with regard to your team day event’s location. For example, if water sports are an important part of the day’s activities, you should opt for a rural countryside farmhouse with multiple pools.

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On the other hand, if most of your activities are going to be mental exercises then you should go for an indoor hall with small tables where you will be able to split your team into smaller units. If you are going to use your office, then make sure the office possesses the required amenities such as suitable office chairs, proper guestrooms, and washing facilities.

  • Make sure that you have adequate space 

If the event venue is too small or too big it won’t serve its purpose properly. Your team members have to be comfortable. This means they will need enough space. If there is too little space and everyone is cramped, it would ruin the event. Conversely, excessive space would mean additional costs spent on wasted resources. Also, make sure to equip your building with HVAC supplies since they can refresh and regulate the indoor air.

  • Make an invitation list 
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The invitees will determine the activities of the event. For example, if it’s just one department you will have to take that into account. An IT department event  (for instance) might have plenty of video games and IT-based elements to keep the members entertained. On the other hand, if it’s a full company-based event with hundreds of employees you will have to plan activities that everyone will enjoy. From the guards standing outside to the accountants of the company.

  • What is the budget for the event?

A business is all about return on investments (ROIs). The team day has to be productive so that will help increase the morale and the skills of the whole team. This is why you have to decide on a budget that will allow you to accomplish your goals and make everyone happy at the same time. You should approach multiple event management companies and ask them for quotes for their services before settling on the best one.

  • Timing of the event is of paramount importance 
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The timing of the event is an extremely important consideration. If you were to hold an event during the Christmas holidays and make it mandatory for all team members to attend, it will lead to a lot of absenteeism and resentment. Make sure the dates and timings don’t clash with the holiday season or even the weekend, since many employees would rather enjoy their me-time than attend an event.

  • Use translation equipment 

If you have team members flying in from other places you will definitely need translation equipment for this event. This is the best way to ensure that everyone participates in the event. Apart from that, you will also require interpreting booths for the translators so that everyone will be able to enjoy the event without any communication barriers.

  • Conclusion
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A team day event can be a really productive experience if everyone can participate without any communication barriers and if all the people are on the same page with regard to the objectives of the event.


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