Hats are worn since long and they add to the fashion statement of any person. They are considered a necessity and a means to enhance their style. During the chilly, cold weather a hat can serve to protect you from the frost. While attending a formal event, a lady can use a hat as an accessory to enhance their fashion statement.

Hats come in various styles and offer varying comfort level. There are beanies, caps, snapback hats are the most preferred styles of majority of people. When we want to enhancing the style of a hat, there are many options to do so. Embroidered patches, beaded jewels, feathers or custom made sublimated patches are a means to give your hat a new dimension.

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In this article, we are going to guide you to make sublimation patches for hats. It is fairly easy to do and gives amazing results in the end.

What do You need?

  • Sublimation transfer paper
  • Piece of burlap (prefer it to be made of 100% polyester fabric)
  • Heat transfer adhesive roll
  • Heat press machine
  • Butcher paper
  • Weeding tool from your sewing kit
  • Your favorite hat

What to do?

  • You need to do some preparation beforehand, in order to begin the actual process of making sublimation patches for hats. You should take the heat transfer adhesive roll and sublimation transfer paper, and put the both on top of each other.
  • Cut both sheets of material of the same size and shape.
  • Now grab a piece of burlap fabric and cut it larger than the previously cut sheet of heat transfer paper.Once you are done with this step, let’s begin with actual printing.
  • Firstly, the pattern or design that you wish to sublimate should be transfered to the piece of burlap.
  • Make use of the heat press for the next step. The heat press weighs down on to design and applies heat to make it seal with the weave of the fabric. You should held down the heat press for 40 – 45 seconds at a temperature of 385 degrees. Keep it in mind not to put too much pressure on the burlap while pressing. This action could damage the design.
  • After this is completed, you should cover the heat transfer paper with a piece of butcher paper. You had cut it earlier according to the size you wanted.
  • Distress the design transferred on the burlap. Take precaution to distress it with special care as not to spoil the design.
  • Take hold of your weeding tool from your needle box and start distressing the fabric. Pull-on the edges of the fabric to give it a nice, boho-chic feel.
  • Once your design is ready. Apply it in your hat. Read the label of your hat for any special care instructions from the manufacturer. Follow these instructions while using the heat press to transfer the heat transfer adhesive piece onto the Press the heat transfer machine for a maximum of 20 seconds.
  • Once the paper has stuck onto the hat, peel off the heat transfer paper from the surface. Yours hat with design embellishment is ready to wear.
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Final Word

Making sublimation patches for hats is an easy and no sew process. It is a stress-free way to add customization to and of your hats. Once you get the hang of it, you can use this technique to make sublimation patches for hats of your buddies too.

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