The logo is the most important element of the company’s image. Logos appeared in order to distinguish the products of different companies within the same industry.

Abstract label is a specific type of graphic logo. It is based not on generally understandable recognizable images, but on abstract geometric forms.

Abstract images do not have concrete prototypes in reality; they are perceived at the level of associations, not logic, and open up wide opportunities for awakening certain emotions. In our case, abstraction is a logo that “plays” with the subconscious, gradually adjusts the viewer in the right way.

The advantage of an abstract sign is that you can symbolically convey what your company is doing without relying on the cultural implications of a particular image. With the help of color and shape, you can give meaning and develop emotions around your brand.

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Abstract labels allow you to create a completely unique image for your business, but it’s best to leave them to professional designers who understand how color, shape and structure combine to create meaning. Consider creating a mascot if you are trying to appeal to young children or families. One of the great advantages of the mascot is that it can stimulate customer interaction, which is why it is a great tool for social media marketing as well as for real marketing events.

Logos are different: sometimes they amaze with their cunning idea, and sometimes they become the object of ridicule and malicious jokes. But all of them, abstract, verbal, text-graphic and even monogrammatic, are created with the help of special tools.

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The development of a graphic logo begins with an analysis of the market and the company’s activities. Logos may differ in appearance. Usually preference is given to the following types of images:

abstract signs — these can be any symbols that have an ambiguous and intricate appearance. Despite this, an abstract logo should reflect the vision of the brand owners, as well as convey this idea to others. It is important to understand that the task of such symbols is to promote the brand;

specific images — specific objects are images of animals, national symbols or any other images that are understandable and familiar to everyone. The development of the logo concept is the main step towards obtaining a high-quality result.

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Depending on the type of logo, you can convey to the consumer any specific ideas and tasks of the organization, as well as indicate its affiliation to certain structures. If necessary, you can use as a logo:

national symbols — this step will allow you to emphasize the company’s belonging to a certain state, for example, you can use the image of the flag of your own country;

local attractions — as well as national symbols, images of local attractions allow you to identify the location of the company or emphasize the scope of its activities;

the subjects of the company’s activities — in this case, the scope of the organization’s activities is emphasized. The main advantage of such a solution is that the consumer can immediately understand what the main direction of the company is

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In addition, the presence of the logo significantly increases the status of the organization and the level of trust in it.


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