In today’s challenging economy, many businesses struggle to reduce staff turnover in the face of a tidal wave of resignations, referred to as the “Great Resignation.” According to the Pew Research Center, the nation’s “quit rate” reached a 20-year high last November due to low pay, lack of opportunities for advancement, and disrespect in the workplace.

Companies who want to hire and retain employees need to go beyond the usual measures to attract top talent. Technology can play a crucial role in this process, as it can streamline sales recruitment and allow companies to understand what employees are looking for in their jobs. Consider leveraging technology and implementing the following strategies into your recruitment process to build a winning sales team.

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Advertise Jobs on Social Media

Advertising vacancies in your company through job boards is a great way to attract sales professionals, but relying on one platform can limit the number of applicants. Social media allows you to reach a wider audience and helps you find the strongest candidates.

Applicants actively visit job boards to look for jobs, but social media advertisement makes the listing visible to individuals who may be open to a new position but aren’t actively seeking a new position. Social media also allows you to target an audience based on location, age, and interest, which makes it easier to customize your advertisement to reach sales professionals. Advertising on social media also allows more people to learn about your company, helping you develop your brand.

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Use a CRM to Manage Applications

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a software system that allows companies to manage their relationship and interactions with current and potential employees and customers. A CRM system enables companies to stay connected to stakeholders, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

A helpful CRM allows you to source the best talent from different corners of the nation and fill positions faster. Businesses can use the system to connect with current and future job candidates through automated email marketing, job recommendation portals, and recruiting event functionality, among other things. It also makes it easier to manage applications, allowing you to effectively juggle between applicants when selecting the ideal sales professional for your company.

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Conduct Interviews Virtually

Although in-person interviews might be necessary at some point in the hiring process to assess a candidate’s mannerisms and professionalism, they are not mandatory in the initial stages. Conducting the first round of interviews virtually allows you to interview a larger pool of candidates. It reduces the risk of cancelled and rescheduled appointments, saving you time. Virtual interviews became popular in the beginning of the global pandemic, as employers looked for ways to add new members to their team while maintaining physical distance. More employers realized that virtual interviews save time and money, and it became a common practice among many companies worldwide. A survey found that 82 percent of employers surveyed used virtual interviews in 2021, and 93 percent of employers plan to continue using them.

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Virtual interviews can be conducted through online platforms that offer candidates video calling services and flexibility. The scheduling flexibility allows candidates to log into their computers and choose a date and timeslot among the options provided by the employer. Virtual interviews also allow more company members to join the meeting, which may not be possible if all members have to meet at a specific location onsite.

Outsource Recruitment Firms Online

Many companies outsource their hiring needs to recruitment agencies when they want to fill a role quickly and efficiently. Recruitment agencies are equipped with the knowledge and tools to help employers and candidates connect and develop a relationship.

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Recruitment agencies are always up-to-date with the job search processes, as their primary task is to match employers with ideal candidates. The top recruitment firms often use software programs to screen electronically submitted resumes and create a shortlist of candidates before presenting applicants to employers. So, you can access a pool of candidates best suited for the vacancy in your company by communicating with a recruitment firm online from the comfort of your office or home.

As more businesses and individuals embrace technology for their processes, leveraging the tools available to build the dream team is important. Using the technology above is a great way to seek the top sales professionals in the industry and increase your talent pool.

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