Root canal treatment is often a top choice when a tooth becomes infected. Though it has a very high success rate, sometimes challenges occur after the treatment. This can indicate that the healing of your root canal is not proceeding as it should. So, how to identify its improper healing? Let’s find out!

Indication of root canal treatment failure

Throbbing tooth pain after a root canal procedure is troublesome. You may experience pain with or without swelling. Dentists can help you manage or minimize pain and discomfort after the treatment.
When your root canal healing goes wrong, the pain becomes a lot worse. Therefore, experiencing throbbing pain during the healing period is a key indication that something is wrong.

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How to recognize the symptoms of improper healing?

As said earlier, most root canal cases are a success. However, some patients can suffer from improper root canal healing. This is often due to improper care or other underlying oral health conditions. That’s why knowing when you’re not healing properly is important. Following are the most common symptoms of improper root canal healing.


As days pass after your root canal treatment, tenderness and tooth pain should go away. However, something is probably wrong if you still feel tooth pain whenever you apply pressure or bite. This issue is often caused by inflammation, which can be a result of pus or infection.

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So if you experience tenderness when you bite, let your dentist know. They will use a percussion test to identify the symptom.


Swelling is a natural response to surgery. However, it should reside after a few days following your treatment. If you still experience welling after several days of your root canal treatment, know that you are not healing properly. So you should immediately visit your dentist. This can be a sign of serious infection or re-infection, which needs to be addressed quickly.

Tooth Sensitivity

Sometimes, improper healing will cause conditional sensitivity. This means you might experience agony when you take a sip of cold soda or hot coffee. Extreme temperature foods and drinks can result in sharp pain. This can be a sign of improper healing or a re-infection to the nerve. So conditional or persistent sensitivity in teeth can be a sign of improper root canal healing that should be quickly addressed.

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Why does improper root canal healing occur?

Various reasons can cause improper root canal healing. First, it may be due to the procedure done by an underqualified dentist. Second, patients can experience improper healing if they did not follow their dentist’s post-treatment care instructions. Lastly, uncontrolled diabetes or other health conditions can play a part in the way of your root canal healing after the treatment.

Final Words

Schedule an appointment with Village Park Family Dental if you want to have root canal treatment and are worried about its failures. Our qualified dentist in Cypress will educate you on identifying the symptoms of improper root canal healing. And if you experience pain after the procedure, rest assured as it can be easily subdued and managed by your local dentist. Ultimately, it all comes down to visiting an experienced dentist and following their aftercare instructions for a successful root canal treatment!

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