Bankruptcy can be scary for anyone, but not with the help of the right lawyer. A bankruptcy lawyer can make this whole stressful process easy for you. 

The best bankruptcy attorney can provide you with legal and valuable suggestions and save you from harassment by creditors. 

But all of the advantages sum up only if you hire a good attorney. In America, it’s not uncommon to fall for frauds, so be sure that you don’t be the victim of one. To avoid the scam and hire the best attorney for you, here is what you have to do-

Make a list of bankruptcy Lawyers- 

First thing first! When you decide to file for business bankruptcy, the very first thing that you have to do is to list all the bankruptcy lawyers in your area. Every state has its specified bankruptcy lawyers to reduce further stress for the debtor. For example, if you live in northern Kentucky, you can search for the best bankruptcy lawyers in Kentucky or narrow down your search by searching for the cheap bankruptcy lawyers in northern Kentucky. It will save you time and money that you have to spend on the visits. 

Doing something step by step will reduce the overall stress and give you the confidence to make it through the whole process. So, start with a list and little confidence. 

Key Takeaways- 

  • Make a list of all the best attorneys in your state that can represent you through your case. 

Learn About the Lawyers History- License And Experience 

Now, when you have found all the attorneys that can be the best to represent you with your case. It is time to take the next step and narrow down your search. To do so, examine the attorney’s license and experience. 

Ensure The Attorney Has A license- 

An interested person must clear the related exam and achieve a license to practice law in America. The legal industry in America is a highly regulated field. So, only those who have the necessary qualifications can declare themselves a licensed attorney. 

You can check the attorneys’ website to find out whether they are licensed or not, or you can even schedule a call. Another way to verify the legal authority of an attorney is using The website will help you know if an attorney has an active legal license. 

Make Sure Attorney Has Experience In Representing Business Bankruptcy Clients- 

The attorney you select makes sure they practice business bankruptcy. Otherwise, you end up losing your case. You can contact any attorney’s previous clients or check their website closely to find any testimonials. 

An attorney with a strong client history will let you know all the loopholes in your case and strengthen it. 

Key Takeaways- 

  • To avoid any fraud, be sure to check the attorney’s license. Every person that practices law in America must have a legal law license. 
  • An experienced attorney will make your case stronger, so make sure that the attorney is practicing business bankruptcy. 

Schedule A Meeting- 

It’s time to be enclosed with your choice, but first, if you have selected the attorney and think they might be the best to represent you, It’s time to meet them. 

Take the benefit of a 30 minutes free trial that usually every attorney provides. In the meantime, you will get a chance to meet the attorney face to face and ask what you want. 

The session will help you build trust with the attorney and further enclose the choice, making this trial a crucial point while hiring an attorney. So, be prepared for what you have to ask. 

key takeaways 

Check if the selected attorney provides a free trial. And then schedule a meeting to have a chance to meet them and ask your queries. 

Be Prepared And Don’t Afraid to Ask Questions.

Being prepared is a good way to take full advantage of the free consultation. But how do you be prepared? Here is how- 

  • Prepare your financial information and documents so that you can discuss every situation regarding your business. The attorney might need to look at your papers, so it’s best to get them ready. 
  • The second that you can prioritize while meeting your attorney is asking questions. Don’t be afraid to ask any related question you have in your mind. 

For example-You can ask the question like- 

Will you deal with my case directly? 

How long are the procedures going to take?

How can I reach you? 

Will you accompany me with my court proceedings?

And also, ensure that you ask about the overall expense related questions like- 

What could be your fees? 

Is the fee negotiable? 

What kind of expenses do you include in your fees? 

Do there are any payment plans that you offer? 

These are some of the many questions you can ask the attorney, but you can ask as many as you want. 

Key TakeAways-

Asking questions and being prepared will let you know more about the attorney and helps the attorney know more about your case. 

Enclose Your Choice- 

If you think the attorney is trustworthy, have good experience, and the expenses of hiring that attorney fit your budget, you can now enclose your deal. And then you can start all the legal procedures as soon as possible. But, if you think that attorney is not trustworthy enough or doesn’t have any experience, take a step back and try meeting another attorney. 

Key Takeaways- 

  • Try meeting as many attorneys as you can before you enclose your deal.


Research is the key to locating a suitable lawyer for your case. Making a list of the lawyers available in your state is the first step in the quest. That is how you can find an attorney who specifically only practices business bankruptcy. Then you can meet with that attorney to seize your choice or be sure about it. 

Now, we hope you found this info helpful. However, if you have been looking for an attorney that can help you file the bankruptcy, W.Ron Adams & Associates are the best in the field. They can provide excellent services in business bankruptcy Kentucky and you can hire a licensed and experienced attorney easily with them. They will be your helping hand throughout the case. 

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