Social media is the backbone of an organisation. You cannot imagine running your business without a presence on social networking sites. Whether you have a bricks-and-mortar business or an online business, you will have to maintain your presence on social media sites.

A large number of users are present on social networking sites and hence considered the best source to reach out to them. Among all sites, Facebook is the top-ranking site that allows you to connect with all your users. You can promote your products and services and tell them how you are better than your competitors.

However, video marketing has gained prominence recently. People are showing interest in watching videos than reading text. Therefore several entrepreneurs are introducing videos across all channels to inform their users of products and services they are dealing with. Videos undoubtedly add a whole new dimension to the marketing mix.

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It overcomes all restrictions usually a part of other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Apart from telling about your products and services:

  • You can also tell how you came to the market
  • What inspired you to choose this niche?
  • Above all, share the real experience of your users.

Videos are considered the best way to market because it can turn about 60% of viewers into sales, almost double compared to Facebook presence. Here is how you can leverage the power of YouTube presence:

Youtube: Shorter length is key

Although videos are an engaging way to spread the message around the people, it does not need to be a long slog. Nobody has the patience to watch the entire video.

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A video with a short duration is more likely to be watched than a video with a long duration. You will have to brainstorm points to include in your video.

You should develop a habit of saying as many vital points as possible within less time. If you have created a video explaining the features of your products and services, you should not spend more than a minute on the introduction. Jump to explaining features as quickly as possible; otherwise, users will not find it worth watching and leave.

Consistency is not what you believe

“Be consistent with content production” is what you are told all the time, but it is not the way you take in. Consistency means you are dedicatedly feeding information to your users.

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You have a lot of matter to tell them, and you are coming with a new piece of information every other day. Being consistent with video marketing does not mean that you have to release a new video daily. It means you should stick to a particular schedule.

Look over what works

Your role is not over just because your video has got several views. You will have to analyse how your video worked to convert your prospects into clients.

You must know about the number of views increasing over time, analyse demographics, and sources of traffic. Analytic tools will also help you the number of customers visiting your channel to watch all your videos, including those who have not subscribed.

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Further, you can also measure how much part of the video viewers have viewed. It will help you analyse where you slipped up and how you can rectify it.

Optimise your video

After you upload a video to a YouTube account, you should share it on your website and promote it across all other social networking sites, for instance, Facebook, Twitter, or everywhere your target audience is present.

Make sure that you choose the right keyword so people could find your video. Make sure that you write a perfect description. It should be crisp and must have the potential to tell users right away what it is all about. Do not forget to encourage your users to subscribe to your channels and watch other videos of yours.

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Youtube: Make catchy titles and thumbnails

Titles and thumbnails both play a paramount role to decide if you should watch a video or not. When it comes to titles, you need to play with a user’s psychologically.

Think about yourself. How do you feel when you come up with a video with a title that creates suspense? Of course, you will more likely hit the play tab. It is because you become curious. You should follow the same principle for your video marketing. Further, a thumbnail must be attractive yet relevant and professional.

It must clearly tell what the video is about. For instance, if you want to release a video on a weight loss supplement, the thumbnail should reflect the “weight loss” element.

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YouTube is a great platform, and hence you should try to leverage its power. If you are unable to decide how to start, you should hire a marketing expert. They will create a complete marketing plan and analyse how it is working. Of course, it will set you back some money, but you do not need to worry about funding it as short term loans like doorstep loans for Unemployed and small business loans are out there.

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