When several people think of the emirate of Dubai, it is the tourist appeals that come to mind – from the amazing hotels, wonderful blue water, to the globe-leading malls, and the historic old district. There are a lot of specialties to notice. As a result, travel, and tourism is an industry that is always front and hub. If you looking to start a tourism company you need to get a Tourism License In Dubai to operate your tourism agency in Dubai. Here we mention a little guide about getting a tourism license.

There are plenty of reasons that make Dubai an ideal location for business people to form a tourism business. As everybody that the emirate has undergone a massive transformation in different spots, it has become one of the internationally known hotspots all around the world for its advanced architecture, better environment, and constantly developing vacationing culture.

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In order to form a tourism business in this emirate, you require to get the business registered with the Dubai Economic Department and with the Department of Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing. The government of the emirate has put on getting several tourism licenses and the business person has to make the right decision regarding making an application for a tourism license in Dubai.

Open a Travel and Tourism Company in Dubai 

As with commencing a business in Dubai, there are some moves you have to take prior to making an application for a license.

  • First, you need to secure your business activity, which means travel, agency, travel and tourism consultancy, tour operator. This activity should align with one of the several allowed within the country. To make sure your license includes your selected business activity, this is a better idea to act with a business setup consultant at this phase who will guide you to the best one that suits your business.
  • The next move is to select a business name. It takes some more thought in Dubai than in other portions of the globe. As Dubai has a strict, still simple to adhere, set of naming conventions. Choose an appropriate name for your corporation.
  • Next, you have to make the decision on the right jurisdiction in which you need to form your corporation. With a mainland formation, you can trade with the market of the UAE and you can bid for government agreements. And, you can choose for the free zone – with tax-free, no currency limitation, and more. While your free zone corporation can’t trade directly with the market of the country. There are choices to explore which can make you capable to do in the future.
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Applying for a Tourism License in Dubai 

The simplest method to do this is to make an application to a free zone. You can make an application directly to the relevant authority of the free zone or perform with the business formation professional who will maintain the whole process of application for you.

There are many good reasons to form your corporation in this specific free zone. Businesses forming in the free zone advantage from several kinds of tax obligations, there is no paid-up share capital and easy procedure of incorporation. There is no necessity to be present in the nation to form your firm.

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You would also require to make an application to the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing for your particular tourism license in Dubai. There are three kinds of tourism licenses to pick from – inbound license, outbound license, and for a travel agency.

These license kinds are fairly self-explanatory. The outbound license permits you to organize tours out of the nation, the inbound license permits you to held trips for travelers to the nation, and the license for travel agency permits you to sell a plane, tours tickets, and visit visas.

Whichever license you need, the procedure obeys similar moves. Just present your application, passport copy, an outline of your business scheme, and a certificate of a good criminal record to the DTCM. And you also need a visa to perform in Dubai. Most of the free zone give suitable visa packages with eligibility.

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If you are conducting in the free zone, your account executive can oblige you with this procedure, keeping your license and visa application for you. If you are wondering about getting your tourism license in Dubai, a free zone visa, the Start Any Business UAE professionals are here to help you.

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