Birds highly adapt to their surroundings, can settle, slowly build their nests and produce many offspring. Suppose your home has plenty of vegetables, bushes, and fruits growing in the surrounding. In that case, you may encounter pest birds and their nesting problems.

If you wonder why we are referring to them as pests, it is because of the damage they do to the home, garden, or car. Not only do they have health damages, but they also do blockage of drain vents. Therefore, nesting bird control is a common concern for homeowners and garden owners. If you think of nest removal, consider some solutions that Bird Control Adelaide provides. Here, we will see a common nesting place for them and a solution to get rid of them.

Common places where birds nests:

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While some of the birds build their nest in trees, others make in:



Under eaves

Solar panel

Patio covers

rain gutters

No matter where you have seen them, calling Bird Control Adelaide professionals will help remove nests.

Troubles that bird cause when they nest around the property:

There are some problems associated with the nesting birds, and some of them we will be discussing here:

Bird droppings:

The dropping has a high uric acid content, which can destroy building materials, iron, marble. Also, the droppings pose dangers and risks for health. Some of the health problems are Histoplasmosis, Rabies, Psittacosis, Cryptococcosis. 

Nest of birds:

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Birds use straws, bushes, sticks to build their nest. But the location of the nests like gutters, the drain might suffer problems when their nesting materials block them. In addition, blocked chimneys can cause diseases among people by carbon monoxide poisoning if birds nest in such places.

How to get rid of the nesting bird?

When you are dealing with a bird infestation, it is the most important question that you get in mind, so here we will see the solution:

Getting rid of the bird with netting:

You can prevent the bird from nesting in your property with netting, which blocks entry into the unwanted areas. For example, if installed in the attic and patio, physical barriers prevent birds from nesting. 

Bird spikes:

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Birds spikes are a way to keep birds from flying again and again to the property. In addition, birds like pigeons and crows will not be able to nest if you have spikes strips installed in your property.

Gel or stick traps:

It is a bird repellent gel that keeps them away from the property. Once experienced with the sticky feet, birds will not want to encounter the same situation again.

Working on the nests of birds:

Before you destroy nests to get rid of birds, consider the inactive nest. Also, you should check if there are eggs already present, do not remove them as it is against the law.

Removing the nest may help as they will search for their new home and build a nest somewhere else.

Bird removal methods you can try:

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There are some of the methods you can try for bird control:

Trapping: Use a bird trap to catch a bird and then leave them to faraway places.

Decoys: placing fake predators on the roof or garden can help keep them away from home. You can try scarecrows, owls, snakes, or even cats and keep them moving every few days.

Ultrasonics: Using high-pitched sound may help in keeping them away.

How to Stop Birds from Nesting on Your Home?

The most effective way is to be active and stop them from nesting. Also, thoroughly clean the nesting area of their debris and sanitize. You can also avoid keeping birdbath and removing other food and water source so that they do not prefer your building for nesting. Apart from the above, you can also take help from professionals for bird-proofing the home.

Ask the experts:

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Suppose you are experiencing nesting birds getting out of control outside your home. In that case, you can as help from the professionals like Bird Control Adelaide. The professionals keep these birds from nesting in your home and help in pest-proofing.

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