Even though most of us earn a steady income each month, we wouldn’t mind getting a passive income each month by putting our empty land to use. Telecom companies are building new towers very often to spread their network boundaries. So, in order to do this, they keep on searching for empty and suitable lands to build their towers.

Jio Tower Installation responsibility is being given to tower building companies that choose the suitable land as per the instructions given to them by the company. One such company is central tower consultants who help the user in renting out their land for tower installation and also provide them the right information for mobile tower installation in their land. Following is the way to get a Jio tower installation on your land:

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jio tower installation 2 300x173 1 - How To Get Jio Tower Installation On Your Land?

  • Register On The Website Of The Company- The most important and the first step is to get your land registered on the official website of the company that has given the advertisement for tower installation in your area. Provide all the necessary information about your land and fill the form given on the page with all the necessary information. But before all this check the authenticity of the company and advertisement by directly contacting the company as there are many fake companies emerging regularly and looting people in the name of Mobile Tower Installation on your land. You can also get in touch with the central tower consultant for more information on this.
  • Documents required- Once you have registered on the website for Jio tower installation you will get a call from the company regarding tower installation and they will ask you certain questions which you need to answer such as who is the owner of the property and area, etc. Once you are done with this they will ask you to upload certain documents on the website or send them in the mail.
  • Land visit- Post the submission of the documents some people from the tower installation company will visit you for the inspection of the land in order to check the authenticity of the land, area, locality, and all the important things as per the guidelines given by the company for the tower installation. If they approve the land for tower installation then the further process for tower installation starts instantly.
  • Getting NOC- This is one of the important things in the tower installation process. One who wishes to get a tower installed in their land must get a NOC from the concerned civic body. This must state that the land is suitable for tower installation and does not disobey any land norms for this. This also states that the tower getting installed must be 100 m away from the radius of the residential areas, hospitals, schools, etc. Once the land meets all the necessary requirements NOC issued to them to get the tower installed in their land.
  • Tower installation starts- Once all the necessary formalities are done the tower installation company starts the installation of the tower on your land and as soon the Jio tower installation is done you start receiving the monthly rental for the tower from the reliance telecom company.
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jio tower installation land 300x173 1 - How To Get Jio Tower Installation On Your Land?

So, if you think you have empty space in your land and you want to put them to the right use by getting a tower installed in them, get in touch with a tower installation company who will provide you with the right information regarding the whole procedure and help you in getting a tower installed in your land. Central tower consultants are one such company that helps you with their consultant services regarding the tower installation on your land and the procedure involved in it.

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