The interest in cryptocurrency assets is on the rise. There are many exchanges like Swyftx Cryptocurrency Exchange, offering people the means to trade crypto assets in a secure environment. 

How to Find the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange?

According to a survey conducted at the start of 2021, 1 in 4 Australians were planning to or were already investing in cryptocurrency. Many exchanges have popped into the marketplace in response to the growing demand. This article will look at different factors that will help you find a cryptocurrency exchange best suited to your requirements.  

Ease of Use

Is the exchange platform easy to use? Or is it a complex process that requires you to have an understanding of cryptocurrencies? The method of creating an account, verification, payments and trading on a crypto exchange should be easy. 

You should be able to use the platform on a device of your choice. Its features should be suitable for both novice and experienced traders. 


You are using your hard-earned money when trading in crypto. You need to know if you are dealing with a platform that is safe and secure to use. Biometric logins and two-factor authentication are popular means through which your trading accounts are secured. 

Always choose to work with an exchange that provides security in platform technology, and transparent price feeds for crypto assets. This ensures you are dealing with an exchange that will protect your account and follow fair crypto policies.

Availability of Crypto Assets

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are some of the popular cryptocurrencies worldwide. But did you know there are hundreds of different cryptocurrencies in the market? The best decentralized crypto exchange may choose to deal with only the popular crypto assets, though this may limit your trading experience.

Exchanges like Swyftx Cryptocurrency Exchange offer its users to trade in over 260 different cryptocurrencies. You do not end up with the hassle of creating separate accounts for the lesser-known assets.


Is the exchange suitable for a user who is new to the world of cryptocurrency? As a beginner, you may need some hand-holding before you can start trading. Exchanges offer learning material that you can leverage to familiarise yourself with crypto.

An exchange may provide a demo mode that simulates the real-world trading experience. You can read through the learning resources and use the demo mode to execute and test your knowledge before getting any of your money involved.  

Advanced Features

If you are an experienced trader, you would want the exchange to step up and cater to your growing portfolio. Look for features such as portfolio tracking, wherein you get a cohesive and real-time view of your account. 

You could set up your account for recurring orders or have triggers in place for order depending on the market price you want. You could trade better with advanced features like real-time price feed, combined order books and integrate trading view charts.

Customer Support

Does the exchange offer any customer support to its users? In case of queries or concerns, to whom do you reach out? What is the turnaround time for any issues raised? What different means are available to contact customer support?

Look for an exchange that offers live chat or phone support customer services. Ask about their response time. You do not want to be waiting for hours as you are dealing with a volatile market.

When it comes to selecting the best cryptocurrency exchange, look for a platform that would make the trading experience as seamless as possible. Everything about it, right from the process of creating an account to making deposits, trading your crypto and withdrawing your earnings, should be straightforward.

Demo modes, tutorials, trading view charts, recurring orders, and over 260 crypto assets make an exchange platform apt for beginners and experienced traders alike. For more information on the best Australian exchanges, visit Swyftx Cryptocurrency Exchange.  

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