The number of entrepreneurs worldwide has been increasing at a very high rate. With more and more people wanting to start their own businesses rather than work for someone, it has created a lot of competition for any product. The need to build brand awareness is at an all-time high in the current scenario. 

How to Ensure That Your Promotional Products are Effective

Increased brand awareness results in increased sales, and eventually, revenues. Giving away excellent products to customers is one of the best strategies to boost your brand promotion. According to a recent survey, 83% of people said they choose companies who give them such free items. 

Gift bags and logo-printed coffee mugs are not enough to promote your business and impress customers. You need to ensure that your promotional productsare effective. But, how can you do so? Here are the things to consider:

Useful to Customers

In order to be effective, your promotional products should be practically useful to your target customer. You need to ensure customers want to use and keep them. For example, items such as utensils, technical products, and writing instruments add value immediately. 

The longer they keep those items, the longer they will remember your business or brand name. Short-term use products such as snacks and drinks create a positive impression on people, mainly event attendees.

Beautifully Designed

There have been many technological advances in graphic design today that make it easy for you to design promotional products. You can even consult designers to add visual appeal to your marketing items, mainly apparel. 

If you give away items such as hats and shirts that are attractive, people tend to wear them and keep them as long as possible. As discussed earlier, the longer they keep your product, the more likely they are to remember your brand name.  

High-quality Materials

Branded corporate gifts also create a positive impression on customers. But they need to be made of high-quality materials if you want customers to use the products for long.

A cheap or defective gift creates a poor impression on target customers. They may even assume that your own products are of a similar quality as your promotional material. This could be detrimental to your brand image. 

Brand Relevance

When trying to figure out what promotional products to give to customers, you should deliver those relevant to your brand image. In addition, the items should represent what your business does and offers. 

Promotional items relevant to your brand help your target audience relate to your brand and give you an edge over your competitors. 

Pens are trendy promotional items. Millions of businesses hand out pens to customers. But promotional pens may not be a great choice if your business does not do anything related to writing.

Below is a list of promotional product examples that you can offer to promote brand relevance and win over customers:

  • Electronic items like USB flash drives and custom power banks
  • Facemasks.
  • Sunscreen lotions.
  • Journal kits.
  • Notebooks.
  • Waterproof and reusable bags.
  • Stylish outfits and accessories such as t-shirts, jackets, and baseball caps
  • Sports apparel such as shoes, socks, tumblers, and dry-fit shirts
  • Contemporary smartphone cases and accessories 
  • Office kits with sticky notes, customised notepads, and coffee mugs
  • Writing kits including pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, and notepads
  • Sweets such as cookies in cans and candies in pouches
  • Cosmetics such as lipsticks, eyeliner, compact, foundation, and make-up brushes

The number of businesses is increasing rapidly across the world, and so are their promotional efforts. Therefore, you should do something that sets you apart from others and help you win over countless customers.

Giving promotional products to your customers can be a great strategy to build brand awareness and boost sales. But they need to be effective at any cost; otherwise, giving them away goes in vain. 

You need to ensure the items are helpful for the target market, wonderfully designed, relevant to your brand, and help to represent your company. Once your products meet these qualities, customers tend to keep them for long. This will help improve your overall brand image, resulting in increased sales and revenues.

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