Are you ready to learn how to draw manga? Well, you should be! Drawing Manga is a form of drawing that usually depicts human beauty. Most people love to draw manga because it’s such a beautiful form of artwork to color. You can create artwork that is so unique that no one else can copy it. You can also draw manga because it’s such a beautiful medium that you can learn how to master. Drawing is also a great way to develop your skills in other skills as well. Check out these 5 easy steps to learn how to draw Manga step-by-step.


  • Get to Know Your Character 
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Your first step toward drawing manga is to get to know your character. What is your character’s name? Where do you live? Do you have any family or friends around you who can help you? What is your age? Alright, these are all questions you can use when you start to draw your character in your manga.


  • Think of your storyline. 

How will your storyline tie into your main characters? What will happen in your scene that will occur before, during, or after the story? Think of your storyline as the fabric that holds your manga together. It’s the most important thing you can do when you’re just starting crafty with your manga.

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  • Learn the Art of Transforming Images. 

What do you do with all those images that come out of your computer? You can use them to add interest and personality to your piece. You can also use them to tell a simple yet interesting story. The art of transformation is what makes a drawing unique. It’s the power and versatility that comes with being a Mangaka


  • Discover Drawing Techniques 

When you’re just starting as a Mangaka, you may not have the opportunity to draw many scenes in your manga. When you do, you’ll start to notice a trend among students: they are adding more and more actions to their drawings. These are called “draws.” Many students are surprised to learn that they can do more than just draw lines.

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When you start looking at the techniques that come with being a Mangaka, you’ll start to notice similarities between the techniques you use and the techniques you can use to help your submission get accepted by an editorial team of abig publishing company.

These include: creating art with the tools that come with the job—paper, pencil, markers, etc. Using these tools in combination, you can create an amazing visual story that is compelling and engaging.


  • Use Your Memory. 

When you’re just starting as a  Mangaka, you may not have an opportunity to draw many scenes, but as time passes, you’ll start to notice a phenomenon among younger students: they are growing more aware of the connections between their drawings and the texts that are underneath them.

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This may sound simple, but when you’re not necessarily looking, it’s very difficult to remember what the connections are between your drawings and the texts you’re writing. It’s like looking at a picture and then trying to tell that picture what it means by telling a story. Your success as a  Mangaka needs to remember the connections between your drawings and the texts you’re writing. You can’t just throw away your pencil and start writing on the spot. It has to be a part of your daily work so you don’t forget about it.


Keep Learning

One of the most important things you can do to ensure you make the most of your  Mangaka experience is to keep learning different techniques by reading manga. Every new skill that you acquire, no matter how simple it may seem, will help you become a better artist. It will help you speed up the process of developing new techniques and allow you to expand your horizons.

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If you’re not actively learning new techniques, you’re not actually doing yourself any favors: you’re helping other people learn the techniques as well. It takes time to perfect your techniques, after all, and you don’t want to be a single example of someone else learning your techniques.

It’s important to keep challenging yourself; don’t take your frustrations out on your classmates. Don’t take your frustrations out on the marketplace: there will always be people who will buy your work because they think it’s great. Don’t take your frustrations out on your family: you never know what will come up and make you break down or cry.

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Keep learning, and keep pushing yourself. You’re never perfect, and you never will be. The more changes you make, the more you will come to realize that. Plus, when it comes time to submit your manga to a publishing house, you’ll have a much better understanding of exactly how much work you need to complete for each task to succeed.


Publish Your Manga

You may have read thousands of Japanese comics in your life. That may have inspired you to make your own series of manga. Not only is it hard to draw and at the same time maintain the tension in your story, but it’s also hard to find publishing companies that are willing to take your manga books. You are aware of these dilemmas because you’re also an avid manga reader. However, you still want to try and become famous like Ichiro Oda.

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That persistence and passion in making your manga stand out from other comic books will definitely lead you to a greater good in life. If you’re looking for a site where you can submit you’re story, Mangago is the perfect place to be. This site allows aspiring Mangakas to publish their work though it wouldn’t be profitable.


Hundreds of aspiring mangakas weekly submit the chapters of their manga in Mangago. Although they cannot make a profit in Mangago since it’s a freeware site, they still can communicate to their audience. By overseeing the reviews on the comment box and the number of individuals who read their manga. And you know that the power of fans can make an underrated manga become a hit and bestseller manga of the season.

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Similar to One Punch Man, which started as an independent web manga series. One Puch Man is now being handled by Weekly Young Jump and has anime adaptations. You only need to be patient and always give your best shot.


Drawing is a beautiful and creative art form that can be used for many different purposes. It can be used as a way to learn how to draw people or scenes from life. It can also be used as a way for people to find new ideas and inspiration. So, if you’ve been feeling a little lost and unrefined, it’s important to get a little help.

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