Entrepreneurs who want to promote their business on the Internet, first of all, create their accounts on Instagram. Today we will tell you how to create an account in the most effective way so that you do not have to buy Instagram followers to increase the audience of potential customers.

Let’s start with the main photo — this is a round picture at the top left. It must be made by or for you, but not downloaded. It should be a beautiful and catchy photo. You may have a great product, but who knows about it if there are no good photos or videos? You can write brilliant posts, but who will read them if tasteless media is above it?

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A few years ago, a good account could look like a page on a used goods sales service. Now a good profile is primarily a well-developed visual. This is a single profile concept. Otherwise, users will quickly leave your account, and you will have to buy real Instagram followers to attract new people.

Content plan

A content plan is a schedule of publications on a specific topic and at a specific time.

When drawing up a content plan, it is important to remember the main goal of the blog and not to break away from it. Each of your actions should increase the subscriber’s level of trust in you, your product and bring you closer to the main goal.

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Content blocks:

  • benefits of the product/service;
  • company values (what you give, how you position yourself);
  • character (bright, calm, etc.);
  • mission (global, which helps people);
  • the essence of the product (briefly about what is it).

Business accounts need sales and discount posts. But it is important to warm up the audience first. If all the posts are with a call to buy something, then this will scare the person away. If the subscriber is not yet in the mood to buy, then your endless calls will definitely not encourage him to take action.

Tell about yourself, share life hacks, play with the audience, give presents. Alternate the types of posts so that subscribers do not lose interest. And remember, people value the truth. No need to lie, smart people will notice the lie and you will lose part of the audience.

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Promotion and sales

The days when you could promote your profile on Instagram for free are long gone. Now it is difficult to do this, it will take a lot of time, and the results will be small. Now you need to invest the advertising budget and promote the channel constantly, and not just once. Only then will the audience grow and profits grow.

Advertising can be launched only after the complete design of the profile. The subscriber must see the finished account, not the sketches, otherwise the advertising will be expensive and ineffective.

Understanding who your target audience is is very important. Make a portrait of your client, describe his inner and outer world, his pain, fears, values, habits, hobbies, goals and dreams. Think about how your product can help the target audience. This will allow you to create content and customize ads as efficiently as possible.

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