TikTok recently rolled out with its new feature called TikTok stories. TikTok is always trying to make people engage with their community. Like other popular apps like Instagram and Facebook, TikTok also launched stories in March 2022. Users must upload their content in stories that automatically expire after 24 hours. Creators can use this opportunity wisely to increase their fame. Moreover, you can instantly buy tiktok likes and reach a wider audience. Let’s dig deep into the strategies for creating TikTok stories!


What Are TikTok Stories?


TikTok stories will appear on the ‘for you page’ just like regular videos. Apart from other platform stories, the main difference is that users can comment in public like other TikTok content. If you share the story on TikTok, you could see the people who viewed it. It also has a separate comment section. In addition, a blue ring will appear around your profile picture so that viewers can tap and view your stories. Only users with access to TikTok stories can create a new story and watch other users’ stories. If you still don’t have access to stories, don’t worry! TikTok has confirmed stories will be coming to more accounts soon.

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How To Create Your First TikTok Story? 


Before creating your first story, install the latest version of TikTok. If you already have an app, update it from the play store. It is better to turn on auto-updates for your app. Follow the below steps and start creating your first story,


  • After entering into TikTok, tap on the profile icon at the low right corner of the homepage.
  • Now you can see a blue circle with a white plus symbol near the profile picture bubble.
  • Press to create your first story.
  • Another way is when you enter the TikTok home screen, you can see the post symbol at the bottom middle of the screen.
  • Now record a new video for 15 seconds, or you can upload it from your phone gallery.
  • If you want, you can edit it using sounds, texts, stickers, etc. You can speed up or down your videos with 1x,2x, or 3x. TikTok also allows you to put different templates for your stories.
  • After recording, instead of tapping ‘next,’ tap the button’ post to the story.’
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As a TikTok user, you must experiment with features like duets, stitches, AR filters, TikTok feeds, etc. Those features will help you gain more exposure. If you want to gain immense visibility, you can buy tiktok fans and get more viewers and followers to your account.


TikTok Story Customizations


There are more ways to make your stories eye-catching and attractive. Let’s look at the add-ons to customize your creations,


  1. Text– On-screen text is a better way to communicate your content. You can add colored text by adjusting the font size and style.


  1. Stickers– These include emojis, animated gifs, date & time, mentions, hashtags, etc. All these will significantly improve your video performance.
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  1. Filters- TikTok has many filters with varied shades and contrasts. Pick the one that suits your video.


  1. Privacy settings- It is an effective option that lets you decide who can view your story. You can choose between three options: everyone, friends, only me. You can also control your comments by allowing or disallowing them.


  1. Voiceover and voice effects – You can give voiceover with your original voice or add voice effects such as robot, elf, electron, etc.


  1. Adjust clips- This option allows you to portion your clips as desired. Cut the recordings wherever you want and post your videos.
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  1. Enhance – It is a button where it automatically enhances your video with elegance. Click on it to see the results.


  1. Add sound – Music gives soul to videos. Please search for your favorite or trending sounds from the music library and add them as your background audio.


Why Should You Use TikTok Stories?


TikTok stories grab the attention in quick time among followers. As stories last for only one day, it is good to post content randomly. You need not worry much about your results. Whatever you post on it will disappear quickly. To make your audience more engaging, post regular updates of where you go and what you do consistently. To upgrade your TikTok presence, you can buy tiktok views and effortlessly reap benefits.

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Final Thoughts


As this feature is new to every creator, the fact is that everybody is learning its process. It is impossible to master in TikTok story in the very first shot. Try to understand and experiment with it gradually. Although it is similar to other TikTok videos, it needs strategies to beat the competition.


As TikTok is more of scrolling down, engagement is the driving factor that makes to watch your videos. However, TikTok stories are worth experimenting with in recent times. Develop a strong strategy, level up your content, test, and go for it! There is no thumb rule for TikTok stories. All you need to do is explore! We hope this article evokes your thoughts on TikTok stories. Read the article and comment below!

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