Partying is always so much fun. Being invited to a place where you can meet the people you love hanging out with or planning a party for them is something everyone looks forward to. It is the simple fact that parties are a time to enjoy and unwind. If you are throwing a party at your place for some special reason having a get together of some people you will need to do some preparations. No party turns out just like that, it needs some preparation no matter how casual you want it to be. You want your guests to be happy and have a wonderful time and for that your abode should be party ready. If it is just a week, you need not worry too much about it. Strategic planning and implementation are the key. Here is a list of guidelines to plan and implement a party that has just been announced and you have very little time at hand.


When you decide to throw a party, you must have a  rough idea about the party guest list. If you have ever hosted a party, you must know that it does not work that way. The party guest list cannot be a random list without taking into account what kind of a party you are planning to have. This is the very first guideline in our list because this will affect the rest of the guidelines. It ought to be realistic and should be according to the theme of the party. A small get together or a big bash is what needs to be decided. After that send the invites right away and double check whether you have done that or not. A week is less time and you can easily forget about all the invites.


People do not go to parties to sit there and just eat or talk. They go for the happy ambience and expect to spend a nice time. Entertainment which mainly includes music is what sets the tone. If you cannot book some discoe jockey for the party, prepare a playlist that would set the mood. 


Decide the type of menu and the quantity that you would like to serve at your party. If you just want to have some snacks let your guests know about it. If it is a complete meal you will have to plan it properly. After curating the menu carefully you can outsource the responsibility of preparing and delivering the food to some eateries. You just have a week to prepare and have to plan smartly.


After carefully planning and preparing for the party, prepare a complete shopping list. You cannot just go out shopping everyday in such a short time. Make a list and go shopping right away. From paper containers to ice cream supplies, everything should be on the list. Remember you would not want to be overwhelmed after the party. Use stuff that is biodegradable and can be easily disposed of.


So if your party was planned in a jiffy, it does not mean you cannot enjoy it. Now that everything seems to look good and everything has been prepared just enjoy the time and relax. Do not miss out on having conversations with your friends and family.

Throwing a party can be overwhelming and having to do it in very little time can be all the more stressful. Following the aforementioned simple guidelines can bail you out of the situation and make it a memorable experience. 

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