Most people would agree that painting your home is a huge undertaking. But when it comes to stucco homes, the task can be a bit more daunting. So read for helpful advice on painting your stucco home like a pro! Getting the perfect finish on stucco can be tricky, but with a few tips, you can achieve great results without any trouble.

One of the most important things to remember when painting stucco is that it’s essential to have Stucco Repair Sarasota FL to fix any cracks or damage before beginning the project. Once you’ve set any areas of damage, clean the stucco surface thoroughly. This will help ensure that your paint adheres properly and doesn’t chip or peel over time.

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Opting for high-quality latex acrylic paint is essential when choosing the right paint for stucco. This type of paint is specifically designed for stucco surfaces and will provide excellent coverage and durability. Be sure to select a color that compliments your stucco and trim colors and the overall style of your home. Here are different types of House Painting Sarasota FL you can choose from:

  • Solid color stucco paint: This type of paint provides a consistent, uniform color that will help to hide any imperfections in the stucco surface.
  • Semi-transparent stucco paint: This type of paint allows some of the stucco texture and color to show through, giving the stucco a more natural look.
  • Clear stucco sealer: This type of product helps to protect the stucco surface from weathering and staining while still allowing the stucco color and texture to show through.
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Preparing the Stucco Surface for Painting

Before beginning any painting project, it is essential to prepare the surface properly. This is especially true for stucco, as the textured surface can be challenging to paint if not adequately prepared.

To prepare the stucco surface for painting:

– Use a power washer to clean the stucco surface. Be sure to hold the power washer nozzle at least 12 inches from the stucco surface to avoid damaging it.

– Allow the stucco surface to dry before beginning any painting ultimately.

– Use a putty knife or other similar tool to fill in any cracks or holes in the stucco surface. Be sure to smooth the filler to level with the rest of the stucco surface.

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– Use a primer specifically designed for stucco surfaces. This will help to ensure that the paint adheres properly to the stucco surface.

– Choose a paint color compatible with the color of the stucco surface. A lighter color may be necessary if the stucco is a dark color.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect paint, it’s time to start. Begin by painting the trim around your stucco surface first. When painting the stucco, use long, even strokes to prevent any streaking or unevenness. This will help you avoid any accidental brush strokes on the stucco itself.


Painting your stucco home with patience and attention to detail can achieve a beautiful finish. Be sure to take your time and enjoy the process of giving your home a fresh new look!

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Remember, you can always contact a professional stucco contractor if you need any assistance along the way. They can help you select the perfect paint color and guide you on the best painting techniques. With their help, you’ll be able to achieve a beautiful, professional-looking finish that will last for years to come!


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