In the spring and summer, homeowners look for methods for improving their garden, especially since many people are using their household not only for living but working remotely, meaning a lot more time spent at home.


It’s not only vital to keep the landscaping looking good for your personal pleasure but curb appeal. Find out if the artificial grass is suitable for your yard or neighborhood at


The problem is many people find gardening too high maintenance for many reasons. There is the exhaustive labor, it’s challenging to conserve water, harsh to the environment when pesticides are used, and time-intensive, something most people have little of.

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For these reasons, artificial turf is growing by leaps and bounds in favor among homeowners’ preferences for replacing natural grass.


The artificial grass costs will vary depending on the materials used and the lot size. Still, the suggestion is the option can be comparable, if not less, than the amount of maintenance and supplies that go into caring for a natural plot.


Care and upkeep of a natural grass garden can comprise a lot of time and money, not to mention the burdens on the environment. Still, artificial turf takes those concerns away, leaning toward what’s suggested as a more environmentally friendly product than even a natural lawn.

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But what is the investment when you replace your grass garden with artificial turf? Let’s learn together.


How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Lawn With Artificial Grass


The most common question for those looking to switch their garden from a natural lawn to artificial turf is how much it will cost. Most people stick to a stringent budget with any household project, and this would be no exception.


Many variables play into this sort of project. These can include the expense of the materials, the installation process, whether done by a professional or in a DIY capacity, plus the required tools and supplies for the job.

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Looking at the price point on a broad scale, a consumer can anticipate a rough overall cost of minimally $5 to as great as $20 for each square foot based on the quality of materials and depending on the installer’s price.


Of course, if you self-install, you will achieve a much lower expense, but pros will do the work adequately the first time, ensuring proper drainage throughout and it looks like a natural lawn.


Suppose you’re not versed in the process. In that case, you might have to make many replacements, ending up spending much more than you would have if you had initially invested in professional installation services. Look here for things to consider before getting artificial grass.

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Will Artificial Grass Be Cheaper Than A Natural Lawn


Quality sod, on average, runs roughly $0.40 for each square foot which is substantially more budget-friendly than the fake turf, particularly for those with sufficient time to allow for its spread and growth. But that’s only when you compare the two for initial upfront expenses.


The artificial product will ultimately give you a return after several years because you’ll have virtually no maintenance. Sod will need to be fertilized, watered, and mowed, a significant time investment that will increase in cost as time passes.


You’ll see a greater value with your artificial product if you intend to stay in the home for a significant period of time. The choice is practical for those looking for less maintenance or homeowners with smaller garden spaces.

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While there’s virtually no maintenance, there are things you’ll need to do to keep the material in optimum shape for longevity. The suggestion is to keep a “turf brush” on hand to go over the “lawn” each month to bring the blades back to a standing position, making them more perky.


After the initial installation, you’ll want to wait a couple of months before brushing the first time to avoid the potential for anything shifting or becoming dislodged. As time passes, you might see the occasional weed popping up on the surface for which a “water-based herbicide” is the suggested remedy.


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Any debris like leaves or anything that might blow into the garden plus pet waste must be cleaned routinely so the drainage functions effectively for optimum weed control.


Anything with the potential for staining must be removed, and the area scrubbed with warm, soapy water. Harsh chemicals need to be avoided, including bleach.


Final Thought


The overall cost for installing artificial grass in place of a natural lawn is going to vary depending on the materials you select. There are many options available on the market not only based on the type of grass but the base it will lay on, the yarn size, the sort of blade, plus who will install and their labor fees.

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In order to get a relatively precise cost estimate for your particular circumstances, an artificial grass cost calculator can be beneficial for entering your specifications and coming out with a more personalized quote.

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