A collapsed trachea is a result of weakening in the windpipe. In this medical condition, the windpipe is squished, which reduces its airflow capability. A dog with this medical condition will have difficulty in breathing. In a dog collapsed trachea condition develops in mid-aged and senior dogs that might not be in their prime health. 

The surgical procedures to cure this condition are complex. Hence, most veterinarians recommend the use of CBD to treat various symptoms of collapsed trachea. If you plan to use CBD, you might know how much should be administered to the dog to treat collapsed trachea symptoms. 

Correct Dosage for Collapsed Trachea 

There is a common misunderstanding that CBD dosage should be based on the dog’s size and weight. Every dog’s sensitivity differs and is not related to the dog’s weight and size. Hence, it would help to consider the dog’s sensitivity as a prime factor while determining the correct dosage for its collapsed trachea. 

The correct dosage depends on the animal’s unique physiological condition. You can use full-spectrum hemp plant extract CBD to treat a dog’s trachea collapse. According to veterinarians, you need to start with a small dosage and see the dog’s reaction. 

In a dog, the collapsed trachea can be treated with a recommended dosage of about 9 to 18 mg a day. You can increase the dosage by small quantities until you see the dosage has a positive effect on the symptoms like anxiety and stress. 

The potency or strength of CBD oils varies. Hence, you need to determine the amount of CBD per ml to administer the correct dosage to your dog. For example, some oils contain 9 mg of CBD per ml of oil. If the recommended dosage for your dog is 9 mg per day, you can administer 1 ml of CBD oil through the dropper. The best way to administer dosage is by applying the tincture directly to the dog’s gums in three to five applications throughout the day. 

How Does CBD Help in Treating Collapsed Trachea?

CBD is not the cure for collapsed trachea. It is used to manage symptoms like stress, anxiety, inflammation, and difficulty in breathing.


CBD has abundant amounts of Phytocannabinoids. These compounds have strong anti-inflammatory properties. When you administer the correct dosage to the dog, it activates cannabinoid receptors that have a profound effect on the inflammatory response of the dog’s body. 

Cannabidiol has more significant potential to reduce irritation in the pulmonary system and helps in further degradation of collapsed trachea. 


The honking cough caused by constricted air passage can induce stress and anxiety in your dog. CBD is a natural way to treat stress and anxiety in humans and animals, and it works wonders for a dog with a collapsed trachea. 

CBD modulates basal anxiety states. It also interacts with the endocannabinoid and glucocorticoid systems and regulates emotional states. 


CBD also acts as a bronchodilator and eases breathing. It activates the CB1 receptors on the bronchial nerve endings, works on airway smooth muscle, and affects the airway hyperresponsiveness that helps expand the airway and help normal breathing. 

To sum up, CBD can prove helpful in managing most symptoms associated with the collapsed trachea. Even though it is not a permanent cure, it can provide significant relief to the dog until you decide on surgical treatment.

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