In recent years, the creation of sweepstakes casinos, a legal method of gambling online can be deemed as one of the most amazing developments in online gambling in the United States of America. It is available in all 50 states including Canada.

Many online casinos have appeared in states such as New Jersey as well as Nevada, where players can transfer money directly from their bank accounts and use it to bankroll their online casino games. However, sweepstakes casinos work differently. At a sweepstake casino, the players don’t use regular fiat money. Instead, they use something known as sweep coins to gamble.

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Still unsure about how sweepstakes casinos operate? Don’t worry, we’ll further explain. And once you’re done with this article, check out this list of sweepstakes casino sites to find the best one to play on!

No Real Money Involved

You might be wondering, how is it considered gambling if no real cash is involved? When you understand the principle, it will all make sense.

In the usual online casino, the players will use cash by depositing it into their account and withdrawing it as they deem fit, similar to how a land-based casino works.

As a player at a sweepstakes casino, you will not be using the cash directly. Instead, the players will follow the sweepstakes model that is designed by the sweepstakes casino.

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Simply put, players will be using virtual currencies instead of cash, unlike the other online casinos. By purchasing the virtual currency of the sweepstakes casino, players will receive a free bonus in the form of other currencies.

Many casinos adopt similar concepts. By purchasing virtual currency such as “gold coins”, players will trade their real cash for in-game currency. However, these coins are not redeemable as they are not able to be transferred into real money.

Instead, when players purchase gold coins, they will be given a bonus in the form of “sweep coins”.

As mentioned previously, gold coins do not have real value, but sweep coins can be traded for cash. Using sweep coins, players can play whatever games that are available in the casino.

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Through the trading of sweep coins, players can eventually get real money from these casinos, albeit through a more complicated method.

Legal Casinos in All 50 States

Unlike the many online casinos that have been banned and deemed illegal due to using cash directly to gamble, casinos that are considered legal in up to 50 states are the ones that adopted the sweepstake model.

This is phenomenal especially since many states have started legalising online gambling and allowing citizens within the state to play with real money at stake.

For the general public, unless they live in or near a state that has legalised gambling, it will be inconvenient for them to travel a long distance just to be able to gamble online.

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Rather, it would be more realistic to go to the nearest casino to gamble instead. Imagine travelling past the state lines, only to park the car and gamble on the phone for hours in a confined space.

Therefore, with sweepstakes casinos, players can gamble anywhere they like, be it at home or the cafe nearby. Just by purchasing gold coins, players can get the free sweep coins included as bonuses. This can be done so from any state and anywhere as long as the players have a stable internet connection.

Sign Up Bonuses

One of the benefits of sweepstakes casinos is the sign-up bonuses. A chance to receive freebies just by creating a new account and signing up.

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However, to get the signup bonuses, one only has to sign up and create an account at any of the casinos. By doing so, the sweepstakes casinos will reward the newly created account with plenty of gold coins and a handful of sweep coins.

Although the gold coins can be considered worthless, there will be a ton of them provided. Therefore, if someone is interested in online slots,  scratch cards or poker, then it will be a great avenue to use the coins without any complication to their outside life.

Certain websites will offer up to 10 sweep coins, whereas others may only provide two sweep coins to their users.

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As such, players can use the sweep coins immediately to play any games but do keep in mind that the number of sweep coins awarded is usually low, thus, it is harder to win much of anything or build up a bankroll in this way.

Free Sweep Coins by Mail

Due to the sweepstakes model that the casinos use, there are unusual ways to attain free sweep coins, such as the mail.

The method of gaining sweep coins through the mail is not widely advertised, rather, one has to look through the rules to discover how to do so.

Many of the casinos will organise contests for participants to win sweep coins, the mail-in is one of the methods to get free sweep coins without making any purchases.

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However, one will not gain a huge amount of sweep coins just from this method, it is only for those who are patient and willing to wait to get free sweep coins to use at the casinos.

Now the casinos will offer free sweep coins for every mail they receive, however, there is a list of requirements that you have to fulfil.

Firstly, the handwriting has to be legible, and only the casino will know what is considered “legible”. If your letter does not pass the test, then naturally you won’t get your coins.

Secondly, there are rules you have to abide by. If one does not follow the rules given, they can kiss goodbye to their free sweep coins.

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Also, there will be a waiting time for the letters to show up in the mail and be processed. However, while waiting, more letters can be mailed out to the casinos.

Practice How To Gamble Without Putting Your Real Money At Risk

One good thing about playing on such sites is the ability to use gold coins to practice in games that you are not confident in.

When playing with real money during online poker, a player has to ensure that they understand the game and know what they are doing.

This is crucial when it comes to gambling and making bets that may allow the player to win or lose it all. If players are not clear on the rules then they will lose their sweep coins in these kinds of bets.

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Although some may not think that playing poker with gold coins will not be a good idea, there is a flip side to the situation.

With games like poker, there will be players who play for the game’s sake and not to win money or gamble.


Sweepstakes casino provides players with a platform to practice their skills in games that they are not confident in while allowing the serious gamblers a chance to make some money through their gambling

With the many different ways of attaining sweep coins for free, it provides a chance for players to potentially earn money without risking any money if they know how to play their cards right.

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Still unsure about online gambling? Why not give sweepstakes casinos a chance, after all, you can just use your gold coins for now.

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