The presence of an eight-legged creature in your house must not be a sight of delight, right? Well, it’s not. Spiders are a real problem. Though they lend help in cleaning other pests from your household, the presence of a group of those alien-looking creatures might freak you out in every way possible. While thinking about your dream house, you add coziness, warmth, love, and beautiful furniture. Not pests, right? Exactly! Pests are unwanted creatures present in your household and should be eradicated as soon as possible. Spiders do possess a threat to the residents of a household. Contacting a Leander pest control service will help you solve matters of similar interest with great ease.

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What are the types of spiders I should be cautious about?


Spiders can be found in every household. As scary as they may appear with those eight legs and fangs, all of them are not that dangerous to affect any human. But there are two types of spiders you should be cautious about:


* Widow Spider


* The Brown Spider


Death because of a bite induced by a spider is quite uncommon, so much so that every year fewer than 3 deaths occur in the US, resulting from the bite of a spider. People often consider tarantulas as deadly spiders, but they are not as dangerous as the ones mentioned above.

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What are the effects of a bite caused by a Widow Spider?


The bite of a Widow Spider can be dangerous in every other way possible. The bite may cause sharp pain, which can be followed by numbing of the area and irritation around the side of the place bitten. Cramps and muscle pain, along with stiffness, can also be caused due to such bites. Vomiting, anxiety, drooping, and headache, along with an increase in salivary secretion, are a few symptoms of such a bite.


How to deal with such a bite?


The first aid for such a situation includes cleaning the wound and applying an ice pack to it. This will help in reducing the pain caused due to the bite. Later on, the bite of a Widow Spider can be countered with the help of benzodiazepines along with opioids. Antivenom can be used to treat a patient with both extreme and moderate symptoms.

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Should I contact pest control?


Yes indeed! Assuming you don’t like an uncontrollable amount of spiders in your house, you should get in touch with a professional pest control service. They will provide you with experience to deal with such situations. They are both cost-effective, time efficient, and not harmful to your family.




Pests, by every means, can disrupt the level of cleanliness of your household. The disease-causing rodents should be eradicated, keeping in mind the safety of your family.


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