The PMP is the higher standardized way of project management certification. By 2027, employers need to fill almost 2.2 million new project-based roles each year. This will require talented persons or we can say there will be an urgent need as well as the demand for skilled managers in the project field.

How Can I Start Studying PMP?

The term “project manager” is not always applicable to the persons who start the job or manage it, it is also added to the names of the individuals who bring the business activity or project to completion. It offers many values to the career of an individual because it shows that people possess the skill and absolute knowledge that an employer demands.

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To sit for the PMP exam, there are certain initial needs that need to be checked which are as stated:

  1. Minimum 3 years experience in the field of business management.
  2. Around 4500 hours used to lead or direct projects.
  3. 35 contact hours of formal project management education.

Procedures to crack the PMP exam

  • Study the Project Management Professional handbook: The Project Management Institute has brought a Credentials Handbook to the market to benefit the people who have the strong determination to pass the PMP Bootcamp in Washington DC. This handbook clarifies each and every single detail in a simplified way. It also answers 90 per cent of the questions related to applying and taking the tough yet easy exam.
  • Eligibility criteria: It is very essential to check the eligibility of an individual, as stated above before he/she wishes to sit in the exam.
  • Become a Project Management Institute(PMI) Member: Becoming a member of the PMI is a financial step since a PMI member not only receives a free PDF version of  “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge” (PMBOK Guide)but also receives a handsome discount on the PMP exam. After all, the discount is bigger than the membership fee.
  • Signing up for the PMP exam: Having a deadline before any job or project becomes helpful to gather determination beforehand. One needs to schedule the timing well in advance since it’s the Thomson Prometric that is assigned to carry out the test smoothly.
  • Revising the PMBOK Guide: Most experts have concluded that the books provide nearly 75 per cent of answers that are correct. So it will be smart enough if the handbook has been completed early with a thorough revision of at least 2 times.
  • Having a PMP self-study course: These courses are available in certain books like PM PrepCast which can be ordered online via Amazon. These provide with the remaining 25 per cent of ideas that the PMBOK Guide fails to.
  • Taking an In-person PMP workshop: Such workshops are offered by PMI universities, colleges and training companies. But this is purely marketing. The best alternative is to look into the course provided by the local PMI chapter since they are cost-effective and easily available. The advantage here is it has an instructor and you can ask as many doubts as you have without any feeling of ambiguity.
  • Complete maximum number of sample PMP exam questions: Sample questions are easily available in books that are present in shops that have an affordable price tag. But, only a simulator allows taking the test in real-time to give an exam atmosphere.
  • Rigorous study and plan: Studying requires personal dedication, time and investment. There will be ups and downs while preparing for such a tough yet easy exam to get a PMP. Therefore, the best advice is to have a backup plan which is to be carried in case one of the real-time plans fails to meet its objectives.
  • Final approach: The final step is to take the exam only when you have a proper sleep and a refreshed mind after long hours of studies. These short steps help to memorize the terms easily and prevent nervous or panic attacks.
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Conclusion | How Can I Start Studying PMP?

The PMP certification offers more opportunities, jobs, better promotions, a handsome increase in salaries and personal recognition. It helps to enhance the professional experience at a global level. The major benefits include high value in the market, increase in credibility and higher pays at certain stages. All these show how useful a PMP certification can be.

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