As the weather changes, different sorts of bugs and creepy tiny creatures come out of their comfort areas to make our comfort areas hell for us. As the winter comes, you see mosquitoes and mosquitoes everywhere. Similarly, you start seeing termites, cockroaches, grasshoppers, and so many other flies in your house with the changing weather. This situation can’t be corrected as you can’t stop the weather from changing, and as the weather changes, these bugs and flies will come out no matter what you do. People try doing insect-killing sprays inside and outside of their houses to disinfect the entire area, but until the next season comes, the insects of the current season will keep coming back no matter what you do. Therefore, one tangible thing that can be done to stop these bugs and flies from invading your houses is installing fly screens everywhere. Even the house area where there is a tiniest of open space put a fly screen there. There, your problem is solved without even racking brains. Here is a guide for you to get the best-suited fly screen of your need. 

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Fly Screen Choices Based on Different Materials
Fiberglass Mesh

This mesh is constructed by weaving fiberglass threads together and coating the mesh with polyvinyl chloride. The incredible quality of this mesh is that it doesn’t rust as fiberglass material is corrosion-resistant itself, and the resistance against corrosion increases twofold when the mesh is coated with polyvinyl chloride. This mesh doesn’t even stain, making it a very low-maintenance mesh. Though there is a disadvantage associated with this mesh, it can stretch or tear comparatively more easily. Look for a fiberglass mesh supplier that provides polyvinyl chloride-coated fiberglass mesh if you want to install it for the long term. 

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Aluminum Mesh

This mesh is made by weaving aluminum wires together and is a very robust kind of fly screen mesh as the material that is aluminum is very solid itself. The aluminum mesh will be perfect for changing seasons and intense weather conditions. One drawback of using this mesh is that it can be dented or creased when it experiences high impact or pressure, which is not good. Otherwise, the mesh is very firm and doesn’t stretch or tear in any condition.

Stainless Steel Mesh

This mesh is formed by weaving stainless-steel wires together into a mesh; this mesh is stronger than aluminum mesh and cannot be dented or creased as easily as aluminum mesh. This mesh has a beautiful appearance and is very effective for every weather condition. 

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Solar Screen Mesh

This mesh is called solar mesh because it doesn’t just keep the flies and insects outside but also keeps the light and heat of the sun out. Therefore, it can provide twin benefits of protection against insects and the sun. 

Pet Screen Mesh

This mesh is made from vinyl-coated polyester; it is weaved very tightly, so it has tiny holes and is very tight in its structure, making it resistant against tears and scratches. It is called a pet screen as it is designed to be pet safe; neither your pets would be able to harm it, nor will it harm your pets. 

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Sandfly Screen Mesh

As the name indicates, this mesh is explicitly designed to offer protection against sandflies. Sandflies are commonly found in the areas around beaches; therefore, if you live anywhere near the beach, this will be the most suitable fly screen mesh for you.

Flyscreen Choices Based on Different Styles
Screen Windows

This is the basic fly screen, a frame with a mesh extended over it.

Sliding Insect Screens

This frame with mesh extended over it can only be mounted on tracks to slide along sliding doors and windows. 

Hinged Fly Screens

This fly screen is placed onto the side of the door or window; it has a hinged frame to help it swing around. 

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Pleated Fly Screens

This fly screen is made into pleats, and when closed, it rolls like a cassette. It doesn’t require much force to open and close, just like a door or window. 

Retractable Fly Screens

This fly screen is made so that when there is no need for a screen, it can be retracted either manually or with the help of a mechanical setup. 

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