When it comes to lotteries, Asia is one of the most lucrative regions in the world. It has a growing population, which means more and more people are buying tickets on a regular basis. At the same time, this region is home to some of the most popular lotteries in the world like Lotto 6/49 and Powerball in the United States. In this article, we’ll take you through the top five online lottery websites which are the most lucrative for Asian players.





There are a lot of providers offering websites that allow you to play lottery games online. However, most of them are either fake or scam websites. There are a very few that are real, and we are going to discuss 888LOTTO.com in detail in this article. 888LOTTO is a lottery service that is based out of Malta. This is a European country that is renowned for its financial services. Hence, it’s no surprise that this lottery is able to offer a wide range of online lottery services. 888LOTTO was founded in 2004 by the Maltese government.

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The company was granted a license to operate a lottery service in Malta. Hence, the main business activities of the company are concentrated in this European country. 888LOTTO has one of the most advanced lottery systems in the world. It uses a range of technology to facilitate the lottery ticket sales and to provide the players with accurate lottery results.




Ruay, one of the most popular online lottery websites in the region, has also made it to the list.

Ruay is known for its large prices and its reputation of paying winners in full and on time. Based in Thailand, it has emerged as a favorite for a large number of people who participate in lotteries in Asia. It has one of the most lucrative prizes, some of which are larger than some large lottery websites in the United States and Europe. It is also one of the safest online lottery websites when it comes to the region. With tight regulations in place in Thailand, Ruay has developed a reputation of being a no nonsense and legitimate lottery player. It is growing fast in terms of revenue and popularity, and it has been expanding to other regions as well.

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LuckyDraven is a website that operates under the banner of Mega Millions. Mega Millions is one of the most popular state lotteries in the United States. It has become so popular that it manages to sell millions of tickets every single day in the various lottery sales across the United States. LuckyDraven provides online lottery ticket sales for players who wish to play with the lottery results of the US Mega Millions. It also facilitates the ticket sales and lottery management for the UK’s National lottery. This is operated by the UK government.


The website has a very friendly design. It is easy to navigate and navigate the website. On the other hand, the registration process is a bit complicated. It is essential to register an account with your email address and phone number.

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Mega Millions USA


Mega Millions is a lottery that is operated by the US Mega Millions. The lottery has a lottery ticket that is sold in 50 states, as well as Washington DC. Players can purchase tickets through Mega Millions’ website as well as through participating retailers. Mega Millions’ lottery ticket has a jackpot that ranges from $40 million to $1 billion. A single ticket can win this enormous jackpot prize. The jackpot prize increases each time the jackpot is won.


For example, when there is a $25 million jackpot, the next draw has a $40 million prize. There are a total of 65 million winning tickets sold in the United States since the lottery’s launch in October 2002. However, there are only 5 jackpot winners who managed to win this huge prize. Besides, there have been only 2 Megamillions prizes that have hit $1 billion.

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The Lottery Site


The Lottery Site is a lottery ticket that is operated by the UK National Lottery. The lottery is known for its National lottery. The National lottery is conducted by the UK government. The lottery tickets are sold in retail stores as well as online. The Lottery Site is known to have some of the best customer support in the online lottery industry.


The lottery ticket sales are managed through a number of channels. These channels include websites, mobile apps, and physical retail stores. The website has a very friendly design. It is easy to navigate and navigate the website. The UK National lottery had a total of 870,000 winning tickets sold since the lottery’s launch in November 1994. A total of 3 Megamillions prizes have been hit since the lottery’s launch.




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