Do you want to explore the beauty book – world? Or are you looking for some travel destinations? There are several places in the world for traveling. However, it will be overwhelming to decide the best place to visit.

Female Travel Destinations

Ladies! No need to worry. There is a surge of safe places to explore in the whole world. The hardest part of traveling is to decide where to go. Never think to exploit the gift of traveling alone. Traveling alone will give you time to become more closer to yourself.

First Time Solo Female Travel Destinations

You can start your adventurous and thrilling life by solo traveling. Here I have compiled a list of the world’s best places to visit.


Are you ready to explore the beautiful locations of Ottawa? Uphill routes and parkways are waiting for you. You can visit the well-paved and luxurious parkways of this city. Gatineau hills are perfect for imagery lovers. And, the stunning slopes of LuskVile permit the whole scene of Ottawa velly. Learn about some beautiful places in Ottawa to go on a scenic drive.


You can start your journey by visiting the land of smiles. Here you can find the beauty of nature in gorgeous islands of scuba drive. I am recommending these places because 35 million people visited Thailand each year. A solo female traveler can explore the other related cities by train and plane easily. Also, you will know about the ancient history of Ayutthaya.


Before going to any other place in the world, you can visit the most developed and mind-blogging city Malaysia. Petronas tower is one of the most famous buildings in Malaysia. Also, there is no need to worry about communication as Malaysia is a multicultural country. Whenever you visit Malaysia, don’t miss a single local event as they are memorable. Further, you can put a glance over the mountains and beaches there.


How can you ignore the beauty of Japan and Japanese culture? It is the world’s safest country to travel for solo female travelers. Each year thousands of flights land in Japan as it is the world’s 9th safest and secure country. Japanese people are hostile and friendly. Moreover, you can visit related cities like Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Kyoto. Remember don’t to miss the beauty of Kyoto shrines.


One of the most safest and secure countries in the world and suitable for solo travelers. The low sin rate and violence make it the most wonderful place in the world. The natural landscape and healthy food items attract thousands of travelers all across the world. If you are deciding the destination for your first trip, add Taiwan to your list.


Never think to skip the beauty of Iceland. Iceland is holding the rank of the world’s most peaceful country for 11 years. Start your journey by witnessing the blue glooms of Reykjavik city. The inhabitants are friendly and speak English. Don’t panic and worry, make a plan and analyze the beauty of the world.

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