Xanax is used to treat severe anxiety or depression. The treatment should be for a short period. This medicine is used only when the anxiety is severe, or you are experiencing extreme stress. Do not take 1mg Xanax for sale medication for short-term or minor anxiety or depressions or tension in your everyday life.

What needs to be done if the side effect occurs?

If any side effect occurs, you need to lower down the doses and review the treatment properly. Please consult your doctor straight away and treat it appropriately. If you try to stop taking medicine immediately, it will lead to a risk of dependence.

Method of administration

The treatment must be as brief as possible. It is advocated that the affected person be reassessed at regular intervals and the want for persisted therapy established, especially in case the affected person is symptom-free. The usual period of remedy should no longer be extra than 8-12 weeks, consisting of a tapering-off process.

In sure instances extension past the most therapy length might also be necessary; if so, it has to no longer take area except the second look of the patient’s reputation with distinctive expertise. As with all benzodiazepines, doctors ought to be conscious that long-term use would possibly lead to dependence in positive patients. The dosage of the medicine should be based on the severity of the person and the symptoms of the patient. The doctor should try to give the lowest dose as much as possible, and doses should be examined after four weeks to check the progress of the medicine. If higher doses are needed, evening doses should be increased, and the patients who can be treated with lower doses should be treated with those.

Special considerations
  • Lower doses are fine in geriatric sufferers and sufferers with renal or hepatic dysfunction.
  • Anxiety with despair additionally responds to alprazolam. However, the affected person may also want more widespread dosing.
  • Paradoxical responses consisting of excitement, stimulation, and acute rage might also occur.
  • Monitor sufferers for the duration of extended remedy with excessive doses due to the fact they ought to be weaned from the drug step by step to forestall withdrawal symptoms. A 2- to 3-month withdrawal may additionally be necessary, reducing at no extra than 0.5 mg each three days.
  • Store drug in a cool, dry location away from direct light.

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Xanax is used to treat severe anxiety or depression by providing a calming effect on the brain and nerves. You may get various forms of tablets in a blue oval shape. The dosage of Xanax depends on mental state, age, weight, metabolism, and dosage. Make sure to consult your doctor properly and understand the side effects and the interaction before you use them.

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