Medela Breast Pumps are a type of pump designed to extract milk from the breasts of breastfeeding mothers. These pumps are designed to be safe and easy to use while providing maximum comfort and efficiency. The pumps from Medela are some of the most popular and highest-rated breast pumps on the market.


Medela pumps come in both manual and electric models and feature adjustable suction intensity and pumping speed for optimal milk expression. They are also designed to be lightweight and portable, with many models featuring a compact, discreet design. Medela breast pump is often recommended by hospitals and lactation consultants for its reliability and effectiveness.

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Medela is a highly trusted and reliable brand when it comes to breast pumps. They offer a wide variety of different types of pumps designed to suit the needs of any breastfeeding mother. Here are the lists of the different types of Medela breast pumps:

  • Pump in Style with MaxFlow Technology


Medela’s Pump in Style with MaxFlow Technology is a type of breast pump that offers moms the ability to express milk with maximum efficiency. This pump is designed to use a two-phase expression technology which mimics a baby’s natural nursing rhythm. It helps moms to express milk faster and more efficiently, making it a great choice for those who need to pump frequently. The MaxFlow Technology filters out milk fat, helping to create a more consistent milk flow and reducing the time to express milk. The pump also has a closed system design, which helps to protect and reduce the risk of milk contamination.

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  • Pump in Style Advanced


Pump in Style Advanced is a type of Medela breast pump that is designed for busy, everyday moms. It is an on-the-go solution that allows moms to pump anywhere and anytime. This pump is designed with portability and convenience in mind and is an ideal solution for moms who need to pump while they are out and about. It comes with a rechargeable battery, a built-in tote bag, and even a cooler bag for convenient storage of milk. The Pump in Style Advanced provides a comfortable and efficient pumping experience, with adjustable settings and fully customizable settings to fit the individual needs of each mom.

  • Freestyle Flex
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One of the most popular lines of Medela pumps is the Freestyle Flex. This collection of pumps is designed to be lightweight and portable, making it a great choice for busy moms. The patented technology used by Medela in the Freestyle Flex pumps provides a comfortable, efficient and discreet pumping experience.

  • Symphony PLUS


Symphony PLUS is an advanced breast pump system manufactured by Medela. It is designed to provide mothers with a comfortable, efficient, and convenient pumping experience, allowing them to express milk for their babies easily. This system is ideal for mothers who need to express milk multiple times a day, as the Symphony PLUS has been optimized to help reduce pumping time and increase milk production.

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  • Sonata


Sonata is a type of Medela breast pump that is designed to provide efficient and comfortable pumping sessions. It is a double electric pump with a 2-Phase Expression Technology that makes it easier to express milk quickly and effectively. Sonata also includes a unique adjustable speed and vacuum control that allows users to customize the speed and suction for the most comfortable and efficient pumping experience.


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