Does night vision work underwater? Possibility of using NV technologies under water. The principle of operation of night vision in underwater conditions. Ways to protect the device when it works under water. Water resistance and its effect on the functioning of night vision devices under water.

Does night vision work underwater?

Diving, deep sea fishing and other similar activities are popular in many countries around the world. In most cases, they are given daylight hours, when they can see underwater without the use of any additional equipment. However, extreme lovers dare to dive under water at night. In this case, they definitely need to use various night vision devices. These devices will help you navigate the water element and achieve your goals.

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How does night vision work?

Night vision is a relatively recent development. It allows you to compensate for the lack of the human eye, which cannot see normally in the dark. This technology is used in binoculars, monoculars, sights, special cameras, glasses and other similar devices. All of them bring people a lot of benefits and make it possible to perform work of varying degrees of complexity.

The work of night vision begins with the collection of rays of light that are faintly visible to the human eye, but visible to the device used. The source of such light can be natural and artificial objects. The first include the stars and the moon, and the second – lanterns, spotlights, candles, lamps and much more. The collected beams undergo a multiple transformation, as a result of which the brightness increases, and they become visible to the human eye. The result of all manipulations is the final image that the user sees on a special display or through an eyepiece. Most often it has a green color, which is the safest for the organs of vision.

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An important area of ​​night vision is thermal imaging. This technology is actively used in surveillance cameras, military night vision goggles and other similar devices. The principle of operation of thermal imaging is to capture not the rays of light, but the heat emanating from all heated bodies. After that, the device used converts the collected data into a picture on the screen. Using it, the user can distinguish living objects from inanimate ones, as well as determine the hottest and coldest points (the range of captured temperatures can be several thousand degrees). In night vision, infrared illumination is also used. It is often used in combination with thermal imaging to produce the brightest image with great detail. This is actively used by the military, rescuers, security guards and lovers of various nightlife. A combination of thermal imaging with night vision is also often used. It is able to create the most informative picture, in which the user can easily find the desired object.

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Does night vision work underwater?

Under water, night vision can work just as effectively as on land. Most often it is used by divers and representatives of rescue organizations. It is also actively used by the military for reconnaissance and conducting their military operations. In order for night vision to be used underwater, it is necessary to use special modern equipment that is not afraid of the water element and can create a high-quality picture even in extremely low light conditions. The latter is a frequent occurrence in water, since this substance has a considerable density and transmits light very weakly.

Devices that support night vision technology and are used underwater:

  1. 1.NV googles. This optical instrument is the most effective underwater. It is actively used by divers, giving them the opportunity to see in the water column without the use of additional lighting equipment. Under water, several types of NV googles are used. Each of them has its own characteristics and is suitable for performing certain tasks. What unites all these devices is the ability to fix them on the user’s head or equipment. This feature frees your hands and makes it possible to do a lot of useful work with them (for example, to film representatives of the underwater fauna). In addition, almost all NV googles models allow you to see only in green. It is considered the safest for human eyes and does not harm them even after many hours of use.
  2. NV cameras. These devices, which allow you to see underwater, are used mainly for professional purposes. With their help, they conduct search and rescue operations, study the behavior of animals living in the water column, shoot documentaries about marine fauna and monitor the state of the bottom in swimming areas. Underwater NV cameras are equipped with special water protection. It protects internal parts from moisture and prevents them from failing. In addition, such cameras are equipped with structural elements that can catch even a thin beam of light in dark and muddy water.
  3. Night vision scopes. These devices are used exclusively by the military and spearfishing enthusiasts in the dark. They are distinguished by the presence of a sealed housing, inside which all structural elements are located. With the help of them, the captured light or IR radiation is converted, after which the user sees the final image. Sights can have a different design and be designed for use in certain conditions. In all cases, they are quite effective even during application in very turbid water.
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Technology in night vision scope underwater

Applying night vision underwater is both simple and complex. It requires the user to have certain skills and abilities. At the same time, even a child can master the control of any of the available devices.

Among the devices using night vision technology under water, one of the most popular is the sight. In most cases, it has a special design that allows you to capture not only the minimum rays of light, but also infrared radiation, which can be of any intensity (even very low). The collected rays go through several stages of transformation, after which their brightness increases many times over. As a result, the user receives a well-lit picture, in which he can easily distinguish any objects. If this is not enough, then with the help of the sight you can change the focus, as well as increase the size of the picture.

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All night vision scopes designed for underwater use are superior in performance to standard models. This feature allows them to function effectively in the most difficult conditions (for example, in heavily polluted water) and create a high-quality image of the area being examined. In addition, models for underwater use are reliably protected from moisture and high pressure that occurs at a depth of more than 20 meters.

Waterproof feature of the night vision underwater

All night vision devices that can be used underwater must be waterproof. It eliminates the possibility of moisture getting inside the case, thereby protecting parts from damage. In addition, exposure to a small amount of moisture that is not capable of damaging the device can adversely affect performance. To prevent this from happening, NV devices designed for underwater use are carefully checked before they are sent to the store and repeatedly tested in production laboratories.

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The water-tightness of the body of the diving equipment must be as high as possible. Only in this case, the apparatus used will be able to withstand the high pressure of water, which constantly increases as it sinks to depth. In this regard, manufacturers of such optics comprehensively examine their products and guarantee the water resistance of the case at a certain depth of immersion. This work is carried out by specially trained divers with a high level of professionalism. If the user neglects the information specified by the manufacturer, then exceeding the maximum allowable pressure will lead to depressurization of the housing with all the negative consequences for the equipment. After that, not only its performance will be questionable, but also the possibility of correcting the situation by repairing damaged structural elements.

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Using night vision technology underwater is not a fantasy. This lesson is available to everyone, since it is enough to have high-quality optics and a desire to dive into the dark waters of a lake, river, sea, ocean. At the same time, it is important that the device used is reliably protected from moisture and works effectively under water. Only in this case will it be possible to fully enjoy night fishing or admire the underwater beauties after dusk.

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