How important are toolboxes in the modern home? Considering that everyone that works with tools has a toolbox, it’s hard to argue against them. They’re a convenient form of storage that can keep all of your most essential tools in order. Wondering if you need tools or a toolbox in your home? Let’s go over the basics of why you might want to consider them.

Do you need tools?

While this may seem like a reasonable question, it really isn’t. It’s more of a rhetorical question—Of course, you need tools in your home. There are more reasons for this than we can cover, as everything from regular house maintenance to car maintenance and hanging photos on the wall require some form of tool. Whether you’re hammering nails, painting the walls, or installing coat hangers, you won’t be doing it with your bare hands.

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Without a set of essential tools, you’re pretty much helpless whenever you want to do some handiwork. Now, which tools would be considered essential?

Tape measures

When you ask people to name the most essential handiwork tools and accessories, tape measures won’t be in the top five examples. However, they’re incredibly important tools that can help you with everything from interior design to buying tablecloths. A simple, twenty-five-foot tape measure is more than enough to cover all of your basic home maintenance needs.

Having a second, smaller tape measure is also recommended. If it can fit in your pocket, you have the ideal tool for hanging photos evenly and measuring small objects. Let’s say you want to figure out where to place a small table or ottoman. A compact tape measure will let you compare spaces in your home with furniture you find at the store.

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It should come as no surprise that screwdrivers are considered essential tools for every household. What can you do without a pair of screwdrivers? Some machines and appliances can’t even be opened without one.

There are two basic types of screwdrivers that you should have in your home—A flat head and Phillip’s head. They should be enough to cover all of your most essential repair or replacement needs. Having some tiny screwdrivers can help too, especially if you need to tighten eyeglasses from time to time.


When you want to keep everything level, a level will come in handy. It’s a great tool that allows you to position items and installations accurately. Want to install a towel rack properly? Unless you prefer that it hangs to one side, you will have to use a level to confirm that it’s perfectly horizontal.

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Those pesky pictures on the wall aren’t going to straighten themselves. While you may have an eye for details and alignment, why not straighten them perfectly with a small level? This tool will allow you to position anything properly. They’re especially good for tabletop alignment.


Most household jobs require a hammer. This simple, yet effective tool is the cornerstone of home maintenance, repairs, and DIY projects. For obvious reasons, it should have a place in your toolbox.

Now, there are lots of hammer sizes and types to choose from. Depending on the type of household work you do, you’ll want a different size of hammer. A medium-size hammer should take care of most jobs, but it might be difficult to maneuver if you’re doing something on a small scale. Claw hammers are essential for any work with nails, as they make the process of removing them a cakewalk. All in all, a pair of hammers should be enough for any standard toolbox.

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While not exactly a tool, a toolbox is just as essential as any of the other examples on the list. For one, you don’t want to keep your delicate, important tools on a random shelf or cabinet. Not only can this damage the storage, but it also might damage the tools if they come into contact with each other. Plus, you want to keep your tool away from the reach of pets and small children, as many tools can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

A nice, compact toolbox is a much simpler tool storage solution than any other alternative. With a durable aluminium toolbox, you can keep all of your tools neatly organised and placed in your attic or garage. Lock it down, place the tools in their designated compartments, and you never have to worry about the tools getting lost or taking damage. It’s quite a convenient solution for every household.

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Tools are and have always been, crucial accessories for every home. Even if you’re not the DIY type, you’ll always need a couple of tools to take care of basic home maintenance and improvement projects. A toolbox helps you organise the most essential tools and keep them safe and secure. With this in mind, it’s hard to argue against having a toolbox.

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