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In this article, you would get an idea about some trendy packaging designs for retail products. These designs are exclusive in their outlook and grant fresh and upgraded presentation to the products. There is the number of studies that shows customer prefer to buy products that look impressive. And the first look of the product depends on the packaging that encapsulates the product. So, here are few styles of custom boxes that you can use for your products.

Sleeve boxes packaging with foiling:

rose 300x220 1 - Custom Boxes – Trendy packaging solution for retail products

One of the most auspicious, unique, and trendy retail packaging design is sleeve box packaging. Its structure is consists of two pieces one is the inner drawer-like piece, and the second is its covering. It is a simple drawer-like box. The inner piece comes out when you slide it. This is the reason it is also called a drawer box. By applying the metallic foil colors on the sleeve boxes, you can upgrade their final look.

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Window placement on the boxes:

custom window boxes 1 300x300 1 - Custom Boxes – Trendy packaging solution for retail products

It is the customization that allows the retailers to use the window patching on the custom boxes as per their requirements. So, you can play with this custom option to create some trendy packaging designs. Like, place the window patch on the corner and in different shapes on the packaging.

Bookend boxes with rigid material:

custom rigid front magnet closure boxes 300x206 1 - Custom Boxes – Trendy packaging solution for retail products

For gifts, ties, shirts, watches, and liked retail products, rigid boxes are used, but if you add a twist in the ordinary design of the box, it will turn into tremendous packaging. So a bookend is one of the unique styles that is used with rigid material and would add quality to the packaging. Use this box for your product packaging and escalate the sale volume of your products.

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Pillow shape boxes with earthy colors:

custom pillow box 1 300x300 1 - Custom Boxes – Trendy packaging solution for retail products

Pillow shape boxes are used for the packaging of chocolates, candies, gifts, and favors. These boxes are also trendy enough in their appearance and endow a flashy look to the products on the retail shelves.

Origami shape boxes for food products:

noodle boxes removebg preview 300x300 1 - Custom Boxes – Trendy packaging solution for retail products

Food packaging is one of the dedicated packaging that need to be secure, eco-friendly as well as tempting. So, the origami-shaped boxes are one of the suitable packaging styles for the food products like noodles, popcorns, chips, and other takeaways. You can use printing of the food products on the box to make them more delectable.

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All the trendy packaging box styles add glory to the products and intensify their quality. When these boxes are placed on the crowded shelves at the retail store, they can easily grab the attention of the viewers. So you are not required to wait and just need to pick your custom box packaging that relates the product with the brand.


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