If you are a jewelry fanatic, then you must have heard about Cuban link jewelry. Many people tend to love this jewelry piece and tend to wear it on a daily basis, whereas some find it difficult to understand the hype around Cuban link jewelry. If you are one of them and want to know what is so special about this jewelry, then you have come to the right place. Read on below to understand what exactly Cuban link jewelry is and why it is becoming a trend today. 

What Is Cuban Link Jewelry?

Cuban Link is a type of jewelry or, more specifically, a type of chain that is very common all over the world. The Cuban link design comes with chain links that are interlocked in round or oval rings which are sometimes made out of gold. All the link rings join together in a very sleek pattern, and they lay flat on your neck, chest, or wrist. 

Cuban link chain jewelry has grown incredibly popular over time and is a standard design nowadays. The main reason behind this popularity is the sturdy and sleek look these pieces have; the interlocked links provide you with a high degree of durability. But that’s not all! Cuban link jewelry has many different jewelry options for you to choose from. You can get a silver Cuban link chain or even gold, depending on what you want. With this design, you can also get a Cuban link choker, Cuban chain 18k, a Cuban link bracelet, and more. So let’s learn more about what makes this type of jewelry so special. 

Why Is It So Famous All Over The World?

Even though Cuban link jewelry is very durable and is one of the reasons why people love it, that is not the only reason. These jewelry pieces are considered to be incredibly special and here’s why:

  • Legends Own It
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Cuban link jewelry is a holy grail for people who are obsessed with the Hip-Hop community, artists, and music genre. Whether the artists are new or old, these chains have been wrapped around hip-hop icons since the 1980s. With older icons such as Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane to newer icons like Kanye West, Jay Z, and DJ Khaled, all of them have been spotted wearing these jewelry pieces, especially Cuban chain 18k. This classic freshness has been appreciated by many and makes these pieces a hit even today.

  • Offers Flexibility

Cuban link jewelry is the most versatile piece of jewelry you can ever have, and Cuban link chains are the most flexible. You can wear them as a necklace or even a bracelet since they have different lengths starting from twenty inches to thirty inches and also different widths from four millimeters to twenty millimeters. So if you need to make your chain into a bracelet or wear it as a chain, you can do it with Cuban link jewelry.

  • Is Blingy
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If you like to make heads turn as you walk into the room, then this jewelry is for you because its main aim is to gather attention. Cuban link chain jewelry is incredibly blingy since it is studded with diamonds and has a flat surface and so it lies on your chest and shines bright. Whether you wear a choker, bracelet, or chain, if it has a Cuban link design, it will shine, gather attention, and look exceptionally pretty, and there is nothing like it. Moreover, this chain is a great investment as well, and since it has a timeless design, you should not miss out on the opportunity to grab it. 

  • Allows You To Showcase Your Taste
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You get a lot of options with Cuban link chain jewelry since it comes in different lengths, thicknesses, and weights. If you do not like the feel of a simple chain around your neck, then you can use them as a base and display pendants on it. With this jewelry, you can easily reflect your personality and taste with the help of pendants; you can go religious with a cross pendant or write your name on it. You can even write your partner’s name and rock the necklace around your neck. 

How To Wear Cuban Link Jewelry?

Now that you know what makes Cuban link jewelry so special and why you must own it, you must learn about wearing these pieces. Once you have decided on the size and color, then the next step is rocking these chains. Since Cuban link chains are very blingy, you need to know exactly how to wear them. Most people tend to prefer the chain to take the spotlight, and they do this by wearing a plain white t-shirt and jeans and wrapping this chain around, and heading out. 

However, if you want to wear this chain in a delicate manner, then firstly, you must get a thin design instead of a very heavy one. Once you do that, you can wear it around your neck on any clothing you like. You should keep your look stylish yet simple and so when wearing a Cuban link chain or bracelet, make sure you keep other jewelry items to a minimum. If you do want to wear other jewelry items, then you can pair this jewelry with a watch or cuff links for a formal event. 

A casual look can be achieved by wearing a Cuban link chain with a t-shirt, hoodies, or jeans, whereas a formal look can be achieved with suits and jackets. 


Cuban link jewelry is a rising trend today, but it has been around for years. People of the hip-hop community are well aware of these jewelry pieces, and if you are just learning about them, then this article can help you out. Read the information mentioned above to learn all about these pieces, why they are so special, and how you can wear one. Keep in mind that this jewelry is a timeless design and will always stay in style, and this makes it a great investment.

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