Today, sports betting is carried out on almost any sport that is known in the world. Bets allow participants to predict the results of games and receive decent payouts for success. Cricket is now quite a popular sport, so bets on it are becoming in demand. To bet on cricket, you need to understand the basic conditions of the game, and know about the capabilities of its players and other features.

History of cricket and its main features

Cricket has its origins in England, where, long before the advent of football, gentlemen spent their leisure time with a bat and a ball. Over time, interest in cricket began to appear in Europe, Asia, and America. Now cricket is known on all continents, it has many teams, and championships are constantly held.


Becoming a real cricket fan is not difficult – the basic rules of the game are simple and accessible. The goal of a cricket team is to hit the ball and score more runs. Cricket is divided into three subspecies: the first level (test), one-day matches ODI and T20. Depending on this, the types of cricket bets available to users of betting companies vary.

Varieties of bets in cricket

To win as often as possible, the user needs to know how to make cricket betting. The most popular type of bet in cricket is the outcome. The user has three options to predict the outcome of the game – a win for a certain team, a draw, and a loss. But this option is available only for the test game level. In one-day matches and T20, the possibility of a draw is excluded and there is always a winner.

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Another สล็อตxo betting option is a double chance when the outcome is guessed, but its two possible outcomes are summed up. For example, there will be no draw or the team will not lose. A bet on a handicap assumes with what plus in points this or that team will win. Total – a bet on the number of runs for the game as a whole or its separate period. Bet on player statistics is found in premier league games when famous cricket stars play and everyone knows their game strategy. A bet on match statistics allows you to win due to the statistical indicators of the game, which include the number of run-outs, etc. The number of variations for bets does not end there and it changes due to the team being played, the type of cricket tournament, and other nuances. Be that as it may, the participant is recommended to use an existing betting strategy or think of his own to profitably bet on cricket.

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Cricket is a street game, and although it is played on an equipped field with all the consequences, external factors play a huge role in performance. When choosing the type of bet and its main indicators, the participant should consider:

  • weather conditions during the game;
  • the mood of the team;
  • where exactly the game is played and other conditions.

All this affects the mood of the players and the outcome of the match itself. Cricketers who are accustomed to playing in their fields will not feel much change when moving within the country. But if a team is used to playing at home under natural light, and it is brought to a foreign land and put under artificial light, adaptation must take place so that the players can figure out how best to play.

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You can win on bets in this game only after a detailed acquaintance with the players and the rules. Bets are accepted both on the winner and outsiders, so you should trust the statistics so as not to make a mistake with the result of a particular game. The bet on the best player is now one of the most popular for cricket fans.

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