There’s something nostalgic about watching films on a massive screen. A home theatre is the best approach to keep this nostalgia alive. Is it hard to bring the cinematic feel into your home? How can you capture and recreate the big-screen magic? The guide provides tips to re-create your own big-screen moments in your home. Read on to find out how you can build the perfect home theatre space in your home.


Dedicate a Space 

To get the uninterrupted cinematic feel, you need to think of setting up an exclusive area for the theatre room. You need space, both widthwise and lengthwise to get the full cinematic nostalgia. The room should be big enough to avoid making it crowded or bounce off an awful sound and light ambiance. The space should be slightly isolated. It should not mix with daily household activities. Use the basement if you have an unused basement. The floor material and the fact that it’s hidden away from the household’s daily activities make the basement the best location for the theatre room. If you have a space above the living room, you can also use it to create a home theatre room. Think of working with a home remodeling professional to convert the chosen area into an ultimate theatre room.

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Invest In a Big Screen or a Projector

Large screens are perfect for the theatre room. You need more than 100 inches screen to get the ultimate cinematic experience. However, it can be costly to buy a 100+ inches TV. Alternatively, a 4K-enabled projector is the next best choice for the cinema room. You can get up to 200 inches screen size with a projector. The perfect screen size will depend on the throw distance.


Soundproof the Room

You will need to soundproof your theatre room. Soundproofing keeps unwanted sounds out of the cinema room. Soundproofing will also help contain the movie or music effects within the cinema room. It’ll also improve the sound quality while playing music or watching a movie. You need to carefully choose the soundproof material and soundproofing methods for your cinema room to get the right sound quality. You can install acoustic panels, add mass onto the wall, decoupling, seal, or acoustic installation. Work with a home remodeling professional to help you soundproof your cinema room.

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Be Creative With the Space

Be as imaginative as possible to create an alluring atmosphere in your theatre room. Play with colors as you decorate your theatre room. Pick a color palette and play around with different shades and hues. Put darker shades on the wall and use lightly colored furniture. Extend the color palette to the ceiling. Remember, the theatre room should be comfy. You need to invest in furniture pieces that let you relax as you watch movies. Center the furniture and let it face the screen. You can opt for a multi-row setting, semi-circular, or one-row setting. Insulate the space to keep it warm. Don’t forget to add rugs or carpets to your theatre room. If possible, go with sound-absorbing rugs to contain as much sound as possible. Make sure to also include a reverse osmosis system so you’ll have fresh drinking water there without having to move around much.

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Play With Lighting and Sound

Different elements should work together to create a breathtaking cinema room in your home. One such element is lighting ambiance. Good lighting is key to recreating a jaw-dropping cinema room. You’ll need an expert to re-cable the home theatre room to create a stunning lighting ambiance. Use different lighting settings, styles, and colors to light the home theatre. Recessed lighting is a must-have in a theatre room.

Go with small recessed ceiling lights. You can also opt to mount a light fixture directly onto the ceiling. If you don’t want to mount lights onto the ceiling, think of wall-mounted lighting fixtures, pipes of lights using fiber optic or LED strips. Don’t forget about the sound ambiance. How you position the surround sound will influence the sound ambiance in your theatre room. The surround sound draws you in as you watch a movie. Indulge your home remodeling professional to help you install lighting fixtures and surround sounds that meet your needs.

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The process doesn’t have to be costly to get a luxurious home theatre for your family. Your options are numerous. Work alongside your home remodeling professional to bring cinematic magic into your home.


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