If you are having trouble choosing a crib for your baby, look no more. Here’s how to make the perfect choice for a baby’s crib, and how to ensure maximum safety.

Establish a safe sleeping environment

Some of the most shocking statistics have shown that nearly 4000 babies unexpectedly die in their sleep with most of these deaths caused by SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), strangulation, or suffocation. According to the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), creating a safe sleep environment for the baby is critical to prevent these death statistics, and needs to be considered with utmost care. To create a very safe sleeping environment for your baby, you should ensure that the baby always sleeps on their back both during the night and during nap times.  

In addition to this, you should always have a firm crib mattress, and you should refrain from having any kind of blankets, toys, or other items present in the crib. Even the crib bumpers are discouraged because they are a suffocation hazard. Establishing a safe sleeping environment is imperative even before choosing a crib which is why it’s always the first thing to get discussed.  You should also have in mind that it’s ideal to put the baby’s crib in your room for the first year of their life, but you should under no circumstances share the bed with the baby.  Furthermore, the AAP also discourages parents from putting their babies on soft surfaces like water beds or couches.

How to choose a crib

There are some straightforward things to have in mind when choosing a crib, but firstly the aforementioned safety concerns need to be reviewed. Once this is done there are some features to consider such as the mattress support,  the mattress height, casters, the crib shape, and how much space you have. The mattress is a really important part to get right, it should have a metal spring base that can withstand a jumping toddler, and have a solid back for a newborn. Avocado baby mattresses are a top choice in recent years because they offer high quality and comfort for the baby, and they are made out of entirely organic materials. Furthermore, these mattresses have no odours and are highly breathable. 

Moving on to the adjustable mattress height – this will enable the mattress to be lowered As the baby grows,  so it wouldn’t be able to climb off the crib. Next, a very popular feature in the years is the casters which make it easy to move the Crib around as needed. Last but not least picking the Crib shape can prove to be difficult because there are so many different shapes and sizes of them. Oval and round cribs may look stylish, but more often than not it’s really difficult to find a proper mattress for them and they usually cost much more than the average square crib.  Ultimately you should consider how much space sorry working is worth because size can be a big factor in choosing the baby’s crib so be sure to keep a measuring tape in hand when you’re shopping.

Crib safety guidelines

Please crib safety guidelines will also help you choose the best and the safest crib for your baby. Firstly you should make sure that the sidebars of the crib are no more than 2 inches apart because the spacing will prevent the baby from slipping out or even getting stuck. Cribs with cutouts on the headboard and the football should be avoided for the same reason. Another thing that you should keep in mind when choosing the trim is that the height of the corner post should not exceed 1/16 of an inch. Anything taller can catch the baby’s clothing and pose a strangulation threat.

It’s also very important not to put any toys, pillows, or stuffed animals inside the crib. Furthermore, you should make sure that the bedding is machine washable and use a mild detergent that is unscented because the baby’s skin can get irritated very easily.  If the baby seems cold, use a swaddle blanket to warm them. In addition to this, you should know that babies are very sensitive to dander and dust,  therefore the underside of the crib should be cleaned often especially if you have a crib skirt.

These are some of the most important things to consider when choosing a crib for your baby. they will ensure the most comfort and the maximum security that is ever needed for a newborn.  Remember never to place your baby in another position rather on their back and to use a very firm mattress.

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