There are endless amounts of beautiful elements and objects that can be found in nature for people to enjoy. Among the most beautiful things that you can find in nature are gemstones. There are hundreds of types of gemstones out there with different colours and shapes, all mesmerizing in their own unique ways. Gemstones vary in their rarity and beauty, which makes them vary in prices quite greatly.

List Of Unique And Beautiful Stones

Some gemstones are considered so rare that people invest a lot of money in them, while others can be used in regular accessories that are a lot more affordable yet still pretty. Here is a list of some of the most precious and unique stones out there and what makes them special.


The name of this rock accurately describes where it can be found. Tanzanite can only be found in Tanzania, and it is one of the rarest and most beautiful gemstones in nature. This stone was only discovered in the 1960s and had been growing rapidly popular ever since. Nowadays, many commercial brands use Tanzanite to make valuable accessories that can be sold at really high prices. The value of Tanzanite comes from the fact that it can only be mined from a minimal area on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It is characterized by its grasping blue colour that results from the mix of minerals in the rock composition. 


When it comes to rare stones that are literally out of this world, Moldavite scores high on the list. If you go into any Moldavite store, you will quickly be dazzled by the beautiful green colour of the stone that is said to be from outer space. The great thing about moldavite, other than its beautiful shape and colour, is that it is incredibly valuable and can be profitable for collectors and investors over time. While many stones fluctuate in their prices over the years depending on the state of the market, moldavite rises in price over time, making it an ideal investment. Moldavite is often used in accessories, but some people simply like to collect the rare stone and display it for its unique beauty. 

Black Opal

In the world of rare beautiful stones, black opal stands out with all its valuable aspects. The darker the opal stone, the more valuable it can be for collectors and investors. Unlike the traditional creamy white opal, which has some colourful compositions, black opal is incredibly rare and gains its value from its dark colours that have dazzling colour formations that get brighter with direct light. Black opal stones can be found in specific areas of New South Wales in Australia, and there are several types of black opal stones that vary in shape, size, and colour. 


Famously known for being one of the June birthstones, Alexandrite is one of the most unique and precious stones found in nature. The incredible thing about alexandrite that makes it valuable is that it shifts its colour depending on the lighting it is placed under. Many people know alexandrite as the “ruby by night, emerald by day” stone for its rare colour-shifting capabilities. It is almost impossible to find two alexandrite stones that have the same degree of colour no matter what the lighting is like, which makes the stone even more valuable and precious. 


When it was first discovered in the 1950s, painite was considered the rarest stone in the world. The mineral stone was so rare that the first one found was placed at a museum in London for years before others were discovered. Painite is still considered one of the rarest and most valuable gemstones out there, where one carat of the red stone can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The red gem is unique in shape and can be quite dazzling for the eyes, making it ideal for placement in certain accessories that can cost millions if combined with other rare stones or metals.


Nature has various different types of beautiful precious stones waiting for people to discover them. Some stones are considered a lot more valuable than others as a result of how beautiful they are and how difficult it can be to find and mine them. If you are keen on collecting and investing in precious stones, then you need to make sure you do extensive research and find trusted sources and shops that sell real stones so that you do not end up getting scammed. Remember that precious stones are only valuable when they are in their best condition, so make sure, if you have one, to keep it safe and well-maintained.

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