Are you running a blog on your own?


Do you have a business website for showcasing your services or products?

In both cases, a few elements need to be considered while managing your blog or business website, which is ‘Website Extensions.’

The website extensions are here referred to as the must-have WordPress plugins for keeping your website up-to-date. Also, plugins help enhance the overall user experience of your website, thereby enhancing the sales figures. 

Business websites need to do regular blogging to enhance their overall website traffic. But to get traffic, your website needs to have an interesting blog page attracting visitors. So, how do you do that?

You can manage your blog page attraction and engagement with the help of must-have WordPress plugins for business blog sites. 

Four Best WordPress Plugins for Business & Blogging Sites

Here we list the best WordPress blog plugins and website site plugins for increasing user engagement and session time.

  • Blog Designer Post and Widget

While running a blogging website, the blogger needs to consider using a website theme that helps in engaging customers on the blogging or webpage. Blog Designer Post and Widget is one of the best WordPress plugins for the blog. It helps with a lot of features and benefits to keep your visitors engaged. 

  • It offers 50+ unique designs for blog grid layouts.
  • Get 45+ designs for blog sliders and carousels 
  • 24+ designs to display blogs in masonry layouts
  • Add custom links with the blog posts for a quick blog read
  • Customizable elements to modify your blog page
  • 100% responsive blog designs to adjust to every screen size, including mobile, desktops, and laptops. 
  • Compatible with most of the WordPress themes
  • Popup Anything – A Marketing Popup

Business websites need to have a quick conversion rate to keep their business running. Popup Anything – A Marketing Popup is a conversion plugin that helps build your blog subscriber list, increasing your user experience. 

With the Popup Anything by Essential Plugin, you can start creating a visually attractive offer with advanced settings followed by an A/B testing engine to get customer engagement on your blog or webpage. Therefore it is one of the best WordPress Plugins to install on your business site. 

  • It offers a wide range of popups to ensure clicks of your blog page or website customers. 
  • 10 readymade templates to choose from for setting the website popups
  • 9 unique positions to choose from for setting the popups 
  • Customized popup width 
  • Get popup analytics and reports 
  • Get the store impressions 
  • Live popup preview 
  • WP Responsive Recent Post Slider

When you need to make your business website or blog page more attractive, you need to install WP Responsive Recent Post Slider for adding attractive sliders. 

You can enhance the appearance of your business site or blog page by adding stunning sliders that redirect users to the right page via a custom link. 

  • Get 4 different layouts
  • 25 Designs for showcasing the Recent Post Slider
  • 30 Designs for showcasing the Recent Post via Carousel
  • 8 unique Designs for grid box post slider
  • Get 3 types of Widgets (Post slider and list)
  • High Compatibility With WordPress page builders and themes

It is one of the must-have WordPress plugins for keeping your visitors attracted and updated with the recent news and posts. 

  • WP Blog and Widgets 

When you want to display your blog in different layouts for enhancing overall user engagement, you need WP Blog and Widgets. It has got an exclusive blog ticket ultimate feature for displaying the heading, news, and trending posts. 


  • Get 7 Layouts
  • Avail the 50 Designs for Blog Grid Layout
  • Get 45 Designs for Blog Slider/Carousel Layout
  • Get the 8 Designs for Blog List View
  • Get 13 Designs for Blog Grid Box
  • Avail New 8 Designs for Blog Grid Box Slider
  • Get Overall 7 Widgets (Slider, List and category, etc)

When you have a WordPress business website or a blog page, you can enhance the top WordPress plugin’s overall performance. Essential Plugin designs these utility extensions for WordPress to help website owners get good responses from their online business or store. Scroll more plugins for your website, blogs, or business store by checking their plugin directory.

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