Vinyl plank flooring is nothing but vinyl flooring that comes in strips. They are growing in popularity in households as well as commercial enterprises. They are synthetic and cost-effective but look like natural materials. So, you can get a natural-looking floor at a very low price. But there are various types of vinyl planks. You can get LVP or Luxury Vinyl Plank, waterproof vinyl planks, WPC or Wood-plastic composite, and SPC or stone-plastic composite vinyl planks. The wood-plastic composite and stone-plastic composite are good for commercial spaces since they offer durable and waterproof flooring. 

Difficult Choice 

However, selecting the right vinyl plank flooring for your house or office is not an easy job. Even after you choose the right type, you need to go through several factors. These factors relate to the layers of the planks. The top layer of the plank is known as the wear layer. This is the layer that bears the abuse of daily wear and tear. This is the layer that provides durability, scratch, and stain resistance to the flooring material. This layer is made of a clear, urethane-based coating. This layer helps to preserve the original appearance and also makes maintenance easy.

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In some of the new varieties, you can also expect a UV or durability layer on top of the wear layer. This offers enhanced protection from daily wear, tear, and environmental degradation. So, how much thickness is good for the wear layer? This calls for the evaluation of the workload.

Buying Guide

If you have decided to get vinyl plank flooring for your house or office, you need to make sure that you are buying the right thickness of wear layer. This will make sure that the flooring retains its natural look for a long time. These layers range in thickness from 4 mils to 40 mils. Mil is measured as thousandths of an inch. 

So, which thickness is best for your use? To decide this you need to evaluate the abuse that the flooring is expected to undergo regularly. If there are pets and kids at home or there is a lot of foot traffic, you do need a thick wear layer. 


The thicker the layer, the more durable is the floor. If you also need high resistance to scratches, you may want an even higher wear layer. In general, a thickness of 12 mils to 20 mils can be a good one for areas that undergo heavy foot traffic or have pets and kids playing around. If you are looking for commercial vinyl plank flooring, a thickness of near 20 mils may be a good one. Indeed, an ultra-thick wear layer can enhance the durability of the floor for a long time.

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