Virtual and Augmented reality is the new tech highways that businesses should pursue in their marketing. Consumers are becoming more and more sophisticated and companies should think innovatively not only how to engage them, but also how to surpass their expectations. 

Let’s have a look over the top benefits that AR & VR can bring to your business: 

VR and AR user experience.

Till now we have seen that Content is the king until now, when users become both content consumers & content creators.

With a personalized headset and VR solutions, VR enthusiasts can travel to the place of their dreams, attend their favorite sports game or experience certain emotions in their body, mind, and soul as if those events are happening not only in front of them but also to them.

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Similarly, augmented reality enables users to give a personal touch to the published or online content that they ‘‘augment’’ with the little help of customized smartphone apps and the markers which provide extra information.

Personalized content

We are adopting technology faster and faster. It is estimated that virtual and augmented reality will disrupt business models as they are the fourth major platform shift after PC, web, and mobile devices. 

AR and VR allow readers to truly connect with the published content.

As the technology is exploring itself with each passing year the prints will not disappear instead they just evolve because of AR & VR. It is creating a new storyline medium & revenue stream. Such as Wall Street is one of the brands that intend to integrate VR.

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The New York Times created a VR mobile app that tells stories in an “immersive, 360-degree video experience.” In the VR film The Displaced they portrayed refugee children and sent 1.2 million Google Cardboard units. However, the unique storytelling & advanced tech built huge impact & empathy at the time of launch to the audiences.

Virtual and augmented reality can reduce language barriers.

Theatre in Paris together with Atos & French start-up has created the AR reality solution where they were able to see subtitles while running the show. This intersection of cultural events and technology is expected to spill over to other entertainment industries such as sports games or concerts, making them accessible to those who do not speak the language.

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All the communication technology we had so far, from the telegraph to the internet was an attempt to replicate the fundamental human interaction: connecting face-to-face.

Therefore, augmented and virtual reality may remove this last frontier of missing the physical contact with another person. It can be possible that in future Google translate on steroids become AR applications that can translate people’s conversations easily from different languages. Imagine people who can share a location, visit their dream destination, and even understand each other in foreign languages thanks to VR.

Brand awareness gets increased via social shares.

 As a marketer one of the important concerns everyone has is to which extent are people aware of our brand. Today, AR & VR are the new medium for increasing brand awareness because of their personalized characters of social media.

brand awareness gets increased via social shares - Benefits of Virtual and Augmented Reality for Your Business Marketing!

For instance, a user can scan a brochure in the right spot to bring up a video highlighting some aspect of the information being conveyed, bringing a dynamic element to the static text on the brochure. 

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However, business cards can also use AR to present a variety of contact options that will allow the user to reach them with a single click, whether through email, phone call, or social media platforms.

AR and VR help in customer buying decisions.

Marketers can easily measure the engagement & activate certain metrics over the other ones with the help of AR & VR solutions.

Such as Parents interacted longer with the ad for children construction toys when it was presented to them in the format of AR. Here it is tried out longer as the purchase decision tool, the likelihood so that item would be bought increases.

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The ultimate purpose of any business is to make sales. The ultimate purpose of an efficient and scalable business is to make sales to satisfied customers who will come back again and again. After getting with the immersive & interactive experience of AR & VR, potential users will expect a high level of services with the brands.

Brands that use these technologies creatively will set a new standard of surprise and appear in the eyes of their consumers as the first choice.

Detailed analytics is generated for understanding user behavior.

How people make decisions and behave has been a source of intrigue for ages. As the famous saying from Plato is “Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, & knowledge.” Therefore when these ingredients get combined successfully in marketing, the winning mixture is created.

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However, the AR & VR solutions integrate analytics of the web & social media, one for understanding the user behavior has been already set up. In the case of a consumer, the web will influence more than half of all retail transactions 

AR & VR are much intuitive that they integrate additional metrics that help you out with user behavior. Whereas consumers continue to immigrate to web & mobile apps with more than 70% of adults being active on social media as per records.


As we have seen in the above discussion that AR is more than just a novelty, as it stands to be one of the driving forces behind sales & marketing innovations over the next decade. Using AR, forward-looking businesses will be able to upgrade the experience they offer their customers, leading to increases in business opportunities & sales as well.

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