Players who gamble know how using free spin bonuses can impact their gameplay. Since online gambling is legal in Portugal, its citizens can enjoy legal online casino gambling anytime and anywhere while benefiting from these bonuses. Because many Portuguese treat online casinos as entertainment, gambling laws are modified to fit the growing industry.

Martim Nabeiro, an online casino expert, advises that: “Os jogadores terao de aproveitar os casinos com rodadas grátis para ganharem mais chances de ganhar.”

Below, Martim Nabeiro explains why using free spins is important. Check out his page for more information about him.

What Are Free Spins?

Free spins are one of the most popular and attractive online casino bonuses. They are part of an online casino’s promotional strategy to attract and keep players. Because the number of free spins varies in different online casinos, players will need to shop around casino sites to check which one has the best offer before signing up.

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The two types of free spin bonuses are:

1.     Sign-Up or Welcome Bonus

A sign-up or welcome bonus is offered to new players. They are given as an incentive for opening an account on a casino site. The sign-up or welcome bonus has two categories, which include:

Deposit Free Spins

The deposit free spins are part of a lucrative welcome bonus linked to a deposit. Most deposit-free spins have high wagering requirements, which means players will need to carefully read the terms and conditions before they register.

No Deposit Free Spins

This category of sign-up or welcome bonus will not require players to deposit before getting free spins.

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2.     Casino Promotions

Some casino sites offer free spins as daily, weekly, or monthly promotions. The promotions are time-limited, so it’s vital to keep track of these offers.

Who Can Avail of Free Spins?

Not everyone can claim free spins. To find out if they are eligible for free spins, players need to read the online casino’s terms and conditions regarding their bonuses. Some casinos will give free spin bonuses as soon as a player signs up on their site, while some will require a deposit to get the free spin bonus.

Benefits of Free Spins in Online Casinos

Here are the advantages you can get:

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1.     They Are Widely Available and Can Be Claimed Easily

Bonuses make online casinos trendy, and a free spin is one of the most available rewards offered by most casinos. Since online casino operators know that free spin bonuses attract players, they become part of their promotion strategy.

And as mentioned earlier, some casinos have specific criteria on who can avail of free spin bonuses. However, most standards are as easy as signing up on the site and verifying the email address. Some can be claimed as soon as the player deposits on their account.

2.     They Let Players Experience the Game for Free

Beginners in online casinos will benefit from free spins as welcome bonuses because they can be used to test the waters. If players are not sure about the game they are interested in, they can use this bonus to find out whether the game suits them.

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However, players who want to use free spin bonuses for profit will need to use the bonus in games they are already familiar with.

3.     Players Have the Potential to Win Real Money

The potential to win money without risking players’ funds is one of the most apparent benefits of free spins. While players can win real money for free, they can still withdraw their winnings. However, be mindful of the terms and regulations on free spins. Some will have a minimum wagering requirement before players can withdraw their winnings.

4.     Players Enjoy No Commitment

Some online casinos do not require a deposit to trigger bonuses. Once players sign-up and claim their free spin no deposit bonus, they can play casino games without real cash commitment with the casino.

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Things to Look for When Using Free Spins

Although free spins have many benefits, online casinos may have terms and conditions that make it hard for players to cash out their winnings.

1.     Win and Betting Limits

Read the terms and conditions regarding free spins carefully before signing up. Some casinos will have a maximum amount that players can win using free spins. If the player’s winnings exceed the maximum amount, the excess will not be paid.

Also, free spin bonuses may come with pre-adjusted betting stakes. This means winnings from free spins aren’t that big.

2.     Game Limitation

Some online casinos only offer free spins on a few games they want to feature. Players who are not interested in the games may not feel that the game is worth their time.

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3.     Maximum Wagering Requirement to Withdraw

Players must read the T&C carefully to avoid unnecessary disappointment when cashing out. Some online casinos will impose a wagering requirement before players can withdraw their winnings.


Free spins are widely available bonuses offered by casinos and are beneficial to players. However, it is vital to read the terms and conditions of the free spin bonuses to find out if the offer is fair.

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