Filler for beautiful lips without surgery

Wrinkled lips or unformed lips A small problem that many people do not realize. Have we ever noticed why many people look plump when applying lipstick? Apply lipstick beautifully. That’s because some of you may have injected lip fillers to look plump, smooth, and in addition to wrinkled lips. may indicate that the slack and face problems older than age are coming to us. Let’s look at that. Wrinkled mouth problem How can I fix it with filler?

The beginning of taking care of a healthy facial skin. You must know how to wash your face properly. cleansing foam was invented for every woman.

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What are oral fillers (Filler) injections?

It is a substance that mimics many of the substances naturally present in our skin cells. is a hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic Acid or HA) filler suitable for injections to increase the texture and adjust the structure of the mouth Helps fill in the missing parts of the mouth and increase the amount of tissue to replace collagen for deep grooves to be full, shallow and smooth as the surrounding area Make your mouth look fuller and more firm. It also solves the problem of dry and withered lips to look plump as well. safe filler harmless and can decompose naturally

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How can lip filler injections correct the shape of the mouth?

Because oral filler injections are filled with hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a hygroscopic substance. Therefore, the shape of the mouth can be corrected at the point where there is a problem. and can shape the lips as desired and also do not need to recuperate. You can see the changes immediately after doing it.


– Helps firm lips look smooth

– Lips look plump, get a picture, will fill the wrinkled lips to look plump and healthy.

– Reduce dry mouth, chapped lips, fillers will help your lips look more moisturized.

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– Adjust the structure of the mouth that is not shaped

– Correction of lip grooves

– Fixed the problem of upside down mouth Make your face look sullen all the time Will fix the shape of the mouth to pull up more than before


Lip Filler Injections VS Oral Surgery

You may wonder how lip filler injections are different from lip surgery. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Why do some people prefer lip fillers instead of lip surgery? Of course, the first is the duration of persistence. That is, oral surgery is permanent. But lip fillers often have a duration. including the following differences

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  1. Lip filler injections do not require a long recovery period. See results immediately.

Surgery is considered a type of surgery that may take a long time to recover. and until the mouth shape is in place It can take up to several months, so if anyone wants to have beautiful lips quickly and does not want to hurt, they may use lip fillers instead. called injection I can see the pump effect of the mouth after injection.

  1. You can change the shape of the mouth at any time if you don’t like the original mouth shape that was injected.

Lip surgery will change permanently. If you don’t like it, you may need to modify it, which can be more painful. But with the injection of lip fillers You can inject the filler or wait for the filler to dissolve by itself and then inject it to fix the lip shape again.

  1. Can correct the shape of the mouth caused by surgery.
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Lip filler injections can correct the shape of the mouth caused by surgery, but it also depends on the fascia under the lips. which may be assessed by a doctor before solving

  1. Lip surgery will focus on thin lips. But the fillers will focus on giving the lips a shape.

oral surgery This is usually a surgery for people with thick lips. I want to make it look thin, like a chestnut, but the filler injection will be an injection to make it look plump and get a shape that looks like a chestnut.


How to inject lip fillers safely?

  1. Lip filler injections It should be injected using genuine fillers. with a reliable clinic and including the selection of standard, reputable brands of fillers
  2. Should be injected with an experienced doctor to keep safe and analyzing the shape of the mouth get the desired shape
  3. After the injection you should strictly follow the advice of a doctor or specialist. Take good care of yourself before and after the injection.
  4. The clinic that does it must meet the standards, clean, safe, and have disinfection.
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Taking care of yourself after filler injections?

– Avoid laser treatment on the area where fillers are applied for 2 weeks.

– Avoid facial sauna. or activities exposed to extreme heat

– Do not press or massage the injection area.

– Drink plenty of water, especially on the first day of injection.

– Refrain from eating foods such as slang, fleas, pickles, seafood, including alcoholic beverages.

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