Are you really stretching those dollars as far as they can go? Most households do their best to keep to a wise budget in order to prevent debt. But you could still be spending much more than is necessary. The secrets below can show how you can get by with much less than you think. 

The interesting fact is that the means to wasting less can be very simple for Sydney locals. Still, many households miss out on the benefits. With anything from plants to skylights Sydney locals can have the financial freedom many only dreams of. Is it that easy? Here’s what you need to do. 

Using Smart Home Technology

We start off with a call to get your home – no matter how old it is – up to date with 21st century living with Smart Home technology. And it’s called smart tech for a reason. How else if smart homes can save families effort but also time and money?

Basically, smart living usually refers to managing your life better thanks to home installations being connected to a central system, all via the internet. This can then usually be managed and monitored via your mobile device, with many automated settings simplifying it for you. 

How does this save you money?

  • No more paying for electricity because someone left a light on. Rooms can go dark when the last person exits.
  • Use HVAC units more economically by letting them maintain temperatures instead of wasting energy by switching on and off throughout the day. The unit can also notify when it needs an air filter change, resulting in more economical use of the system.
  • Instead of paying for house sitters, feed your pets via the smart home infrastructure. 
  • The system can detect problems such as surges or plumbing problems. By switching off appliances, there’s less damage and therefore fewer replacement costs. 

Small changes result in big saves eventually. And who doesn’t want the convenience!?

Making Things Lighter

As mentioned above, lights cam be a big culprit in energy usage. Unfortunately, this doesn’t only happen at night. Impractical architecture can result in dark rooms that need artificial light even during the day. Or perhaps you turned your attic into a study, but it only has a tiny window letting in some sun. You can instantly fix all these problems by installing a skylight. Natural light can fill the space which will even make it more inviting. 

Be Smarter About Heat in Your Home

The additional benefit of a skylight in the warm Sydney environment is that it can help you create a more comfortable atmosphere inside. Often feel too hot? Enjoy some fresh air by opting for a skylight that can open. This means no more overusing your HVAC in summer! 

For budget management it really pays off getting creative. The Australian sun beating down through the windows can make rooms heat up quickly in the morning. Why not plant some foliage to block off the rays instead of boosting the air conditioning all day?

If it’s the cold that gets to you, simple insulating tactics will go a long way in protecting you from low temperatures and helping you spend less on heating:

  • Add floor coverings like loose carpets during winter
  • Insulate your roof to prevent heat loss
  • Close curtains before dark to keep the heat inside 

Picking the Right Plants

While we definitely promote planting greenery, think twice before simply using plants from the neighbour’s garden. You need the right house and exterior plants or your water bill will go through the roof. 

For Australia, here are some low water usage plants that look stunning but don’t require much water:

  • Certain daisies
  • Westringia
  • Agapanthus
  • Gazania
  • Thyme

Proactive Plumbing Maintenance

Another way you’re wasting more water than is necessary is by letting plumbing maintenance slide. Something like a small leak could be costing you lots of water monthly. 

Expert plumbers advise consumers to do the following regularly:

  • Keep gutters clean to prevent water damage to the roof
  • Check your exposed pipes so you notice corrosion before it causes a problem
  • Monitor water pressure and how effective water drains are; call an expert if you notice a change since this can be the sign of bigger problems 

Budgeting for Upgrades

No! That new kitchen gadget you heard about is not just a fad. And the newer model of your well-used appliance may be a much better option than you think.

Yes, for new appliances you need to take out some extra cash. But in the current environment where brands aim to have more eco-friendly products, an upgrade may save you money in the long run. For one thing, it may draw much fewer power thanks to power saving features. 

Not everyone has the cash on hand to buy when a new model comes onto the market. Therefore, it’s wise to add ‘upgrades’ to your yearly maintenance budget. 


Do you see light at the end of the tunnel? Is it possible to stress a little less about your finances next month? Millions of households enjoy the benefits of small adjustments that make a big impact. Where will you start? And do you have more tips for the rest of us?

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