The fabulous Ontario province is Canada’s largest producer of metals and minerals, with copper, gold, and nickel as its primary products. It also produces over ten million tons of steel each year, proving how high in demand this spectacular building material is.

Unsurprisingly, you will see scores of steel buildings Ontario decorating the skyline and the scenic landscape of the region. Since steel is mold-resistant and more robust than concrete, it is the most famous building material in the country and not just in this province.

The following information comprises a quick review of the soaring popularity of steel buildings in this famous and incredibly populous Canadian province. It can help new residents learn more about the residents’ preferred building material and how the industry meets this demand.

A quick history

Toronto, the impressive capital of Ontario province, was the first Canadian city to follow on the tracks of famous cities like New York and Chicago and build steel skyscrapers within its borders during the modern period. By the late twentieth century, other Canadian cities like Vancouver had followed suit and created their own versions of popular structures in Toronto, Ontario. The famous Bentall Center and TD Tower are excellent examples of this.

While most residential homes in Ontario and other parts of Canada are made of brick or a combination of brick and cinder block, industrial and commercial building owners are increasingly turning to steel structures for their longevity and strength. Invariably, while old buildings are revamped and resold, most of the new construction typically involves using steel massively.

The average cost of a steel structure

The average cost of a 60 x 100 building in the region can range from $120,000 upwards, before taxes. However, the exact cost of a single metal building in Ontario depends on the size, location, labor, and complexity of the task. Several business owners purchase compact, pre-engineered office buildings or warehouses in the province for approximately $20 per square foot.

A medium-sized pre-built structure can cost around $50 and upwards per square foot, while a bigger one is generally priced at over $85 per square foot. Invariably, this affordability and robust durability and quality make steel a popular choice among Ontario locals.

Why do people in Ontario prefer these buildings? 

Most folks in the province prefer buying pre-built steel structures from reputable industry experts as it enables them to enjoy quality construction for their money. Local professionals use high-tensile material for their construction, making their units remarkably durable.

Also, reputable Ontario builders provide customized designs to their clients, making their structures unique and apart from the rest. These units have improved safety, offer a higher ROI, repel mold and dust, and last for decades when taken care of.

Moreover, they work in line with local laws, keeping Ontario’s building permits in mind, which most locals may not be aware of. For instance, several residents may not know that they need a permit to build any new structure over ten square meters or even add or remodel an existing building in Ontario.

So when locals turn to trusted steel building contractors in the region, they can expect guidance and advice on how to get the essential permits. 

Types of steel structures in the province

You will be stunned at the countless fantastic steel buildings in Ontario, making their surroundings more elegant and visually appealing. From warehouses and commercial buildings to sporting arenas and storage units, locals rely on a wide range of metal edifices every day.

Furthermore, some Ontario enterprises create excellent quality steel airplane hangars, garages, industrial premises, farm buildings, and cannabis growing operations units at reasonable prices. You can find picture galleries and customer testimonials on their websites that prove how effective these experts are at steel construction, rightfully earning their reputation. Some of them have served over four thousand clients in a short period.

Therefore, potential customers can contact these professionals for more details on their buildings via the numbers listed on their site or even visit their office.

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