Virtual reality is the new big thing, the next big revolution in the market! You name it. The potential of VR is huge and is growing with every new development in the same field. It will not be wrong to say that technologies like VR are a safe haven for people who want to socialize during the uncertain times of pandemics. Not just this, VR opens limitless opportunities for people to enjoy and marketers to market. In other words, there is much to it that needs to be talked about. Here, you will learn about the advantages of advertising in VR in 2022.

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But before we jump to the good part, let’s drop some light on what Virtual Reality is all about?

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality consists of an artificial 3D visual environment that provides a sensory, immersive experience to users. VR is enabled via advanced computer modelling and simulation techniques to create a 3D space beyond reality. Users who want to access and use virtual reality need special gears to enter into this dimension. The unique VR headsets and controllers enable a user to view 360° around and across the virtual 3D environments.

Virtual Reality is merely an illusion created with high-end technology to provide an immersive engaging experience.

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Status of Advertising in VR in 2022

With the latest developments in VR, this technology is expected to make it big in the market! Knowing this humongous potential, over 67% of market planners today show interest in adding VR advertising to their marketing mix. Currently, VR is not accessible to all due to the limitation of expensive gear which is not affordable for many. However, tech companies have now started investing in these gadgets to make them less expensive and more accessible. It is expected that by 2023, over 25% of internet users will be able to access VR technology including games and other tools.   

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With such developments, advertisers are already interested in using VR as an active marketing channel. They truly understand that once this technology becomes equally accessible, advertising in VR will have great demand. Considering this, ImmersiveAdsTM has taken the initiative to enable advertising in VR. Innovative ads by the ImmersiveAdsTM are not just highly scalable but are absolutely non-intrusive in nature.

But what is all the hype about? Here is what you need to know…

Advantages of Advertising in VR in 2022

Virtual reality lets its users enjoy an immersive highly interactive experience, opening great opportunities for marketing and brand growth. Advertisers can add a scoop full of creativity to their marketing practices by advertising with VR. Marketers get to enjoy guaranteed greater ROIs in VR but how? Here is why…

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Improved Engagement

Virtual reality is highly engaging and gives users an interactive experience like no other. Brands can use the power of VR to create unlimited information retention opportunities for their products. This way, users will not just actively engage with the brand in virtual reality but will also retain brand information. Hence, VR creates better brand awareness that goes a long way.

Creative Product Launch and Introduction

Virtual reality does not limit brands to explore or experiment. Rather it opens a door to creative product launches and innovative intros. Walmart recently enabled users to access product descriptions in VR. By doing so, users get complete information about the product, its making, ingredients and nutritional value.

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Besides, VR is equally helpful in making demos and test run more interactive and impactful. Recently, OnePlus launched its brand new smartphone in VR with the goal to engage masses from around the globe. The event was hosted by Jack Morton, the company launched the new smartphone in a highly innovative way and as a result, gained millions of positive views.

Try before you buy

Virtual reality as an extension of reality allows marketers to offer a try before purchasing options. Purchasers and users get to witness the product in complete shape and working which enables them to make better and more mature shopping decisions instantly. Not just this, full-scale VR tours are another great way of motivating clients to make relevant purchases.

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Recently, The Pullman Brisbane King George Square Hotel started marketing their rooms by giving a full-scale tour. This way the customers got a clear idea of what they need to expect from the living experience at the hotel.

Better Communication

VR gives users a highly immersive experience with clear and better communication. Why is this so? The gear allows users to be physically and mentally involved in an environment. This not just enables better communication but also allows users to retain it for longer. In other words, it’s not just the eyes, ears or minds that are interacting but also the body. This is one reason why communication with VR advertising is great.

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