Forex is an important part of the industrial situation of any country. It largely determines the financial condition of a country and to what extent can its population afford to indulge in foreign transactions. Also, people who deal in Forex and the facilitators and intermediaries who help in the conversion process of the transaction are the significant determinants of the Foreign Exchange reserves of that country. Precisely, forex traders and forex dealers along with the intermediaries form a crucial backbone of the country’s economy, the same goes for South Africa.

A Detailed Review On Blackstone Futures

South Africa, like any other country on the world map, is involved in foreign exchange trading and hence has forex brokers to facilitate the same. One such significant broker in South Africa,  quite popular among the traders is Blackstone Futures.

Some quick information about Blackstone Futures forex broker 

This company of South Africa originated particularly Rosebank Johannesburg, in the year 2009 and have eventually become quite influential players in the market.

They are duly registered to and regulated by FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) and hence is a completely legal and authorized body, specialized in acting as intermediaries for forex conversions.

They started as a local broker, originally formed and operating in their small area of concern. Yet, their wish to expand is unlimited and hence they have successfully collected a lot of positive reviews from the neighbouring countries it interacted with, like Lesotho, Swaziland, and Namibia. But their ambitions don’t take a halt here. They look forward to spreading their web all across Africa and facilitating forex trading for all Africans.

They do have a special feature that attracts more and more people towards their business and are hence able to help so many people with their conversions, i.e. STP brokerage or Straight Through Processing brokerage.

All of their orders and resulting liquidity are straight away sent to the Liquidity managers, facilitators, and providers in the UK.

With them, you also can enjoy some strict and tight spreads that are obviously a significant perk. However, it doesn’t apply to all currencies worldwide but particularly for USD, GBP and ZAR. And hence, people get highly benefited from such too.

They are themselves only indulged in conversions and hence, themselves are a non-dealing desk. This is obviously a plus point for better performance in its concerned field and the non-existence of many complications to be involved.

They allow you to seamlessly trade on CloudTrade and MetaTrader 4. Mainly to facilitate their clients with a carefully designed trading platform for any given device, both accessible and feasible to a great extent.

A trait that makes them stand out in the department 

They have a firm goal, to extensively educate their clients on forex trading and help them get this entire process right without getting cheated on, accompanied by legal knowledge to back the process up. It is also done to expand and extend the time for which a client has its account with them. And all this makes them an extremely user-friendly and beginner-friendly broker.

The reviews

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Being extensively used beyond its established nation in South Africa, it has helped a lot of its highly esteemed clients to get their job done.  And from the reviews collected from thousands of people on the internet, the pros and cons of the company are duly concluded below for your reference.

  • The Pros
  1. They allow same-day withdrawals, which is a beyond-cool feature. This feature is not only client favourites but also cuts down on the extra encumbrances people have to endure to withdraw. It makes things easier and a lot quicker for its clients.
  2. They will dutifully protect their clients against the occurrence of any Negative balance issues. This is an extremely customer-oriented behaviour and reflects how they are truly willing to help through their organization. This is also a huge reason why people show greater interest in associating with this organization, to enjoy this rare feature if ever needed.
  3. Their customer service is overall excellent and widely appreciated for its features that are of great help to their clients worldwide without many complications.
  • The cons
  1. Unfortunately, they do not allow Islamic accounts to operate with their websites.
  2. They also do not allow the involvement of Meta trader 5.

And hence, with that said, here ends a detailed insight into the functioning, features, and reviews of Blackstone Futures for your reference in case you were already looking for it or if you are out on a search to find the right organization to get your forex converted duly with added benefits.

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