Finding an issue with the monitor not turning on can be havoc sometimes. But don’t worry. This article will acknowledge you with the causes and quick fixes to get your favorite monitor back to serve you like before.

Most Common Causes For the Monitor Not Turning On

Cause 1: Have You Checked the Monitor for the Power Button?

First, check whether your monitor’s power button is turned on or off. Sometimes you might turn it off by mistake.

Quick Fix

It’s better to check your monitor first and turn on the power button if it’s not.

Cause 2: Is the Power Cable Connected to the Monitor?

If you’ve turned on your monitor’s power button and nothing happens, time to move on to the second cause. Sometimes, a faulty power cable becomes an issue for the monitor not turning on.

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In some situations, you may have accidentally displaced the cable for cleaning or technical work. Therefore, ensure you’ve connected the power cable properly to the monitor.

Quick Fix

Put the cable tightly in the sock. Or you may need to pull it out and plug it in again to work better.


Figure 1. Monitor’s cable

Cause 3: Have You Checked the Data Cable for Any Mechanical Damage?

If you have tested your monitor for these two causes and are still facing the issue, the possibility is your cable might get mechanical damaged.

Quick Fix

Trying your monitor for other devices or PCs may be a game changer for you, primarily if it works. The other thing you can do is to check the data cable.

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The data cable HDMI has ends like USB but is more comprehensive than it. Disconnect its ends and connect it again to the PC and the monitor.


Sometimes you may neglect to use the screws while connecting the cable to the monitor. Therefore, the DVI or VGA cable may need to be screwed tightly for better working.

Cause 4: Check Monitor for Static Electricity Issue?

Sometimes, static electricity may be an annoying reason for your monitor.

Quick Fix

For this purpose, ‌ displace all the cables, including your favorite headphones cable connected to the monitor. After a while, plug all the cables back and turn on the monitor.

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Cause 5: Did You Set Your Monitor to the Wrong Display Resolution?

Suppose you try the best game setting for your monitor and accidentally set the monitor on a high resolution for a better gaming experience. Chances are excellent that your monitor may not be compatible with such a resolution. That’s why your monitor is troubleshooting.

Quick Fix

If you boot your PC into the save mode, you can adjust the display resolution to low through PC settings.


Figure 2. Change resolution settings

Cause 6: Is Your Monitor’s Input Settings Correct?

Your monitor may detect the input signals but get disabled through the settings by chance.

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Quick Fix

Step 1: Open the monitor’s settings menu. One can do this by pressing and holding the control buttons on the monitor.


Step 2: Select the input source. For instance, it can be HDMI, VGA, or other. Or go for the option to reset the monitor on factory data settings.

Cause 7: Is the Data Cable Compatible with Your Monitor?

Suppose your monitor supports 144Hz, and your data cable cannot handle it. The HDMI version that you use supports 120Hz. Here, an unsupported data cable is all to blame.

Quick Fix

Using a display port for configuration measures can be a safe option. Also, use a data cable that supports your monitor.

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Cause 8: Are the BIOS Settings Correct?

Suppose you have recently changed the BIOS setting for your monitor. Afterward, you encountered this monitor issue. The possibility is great that you’ve set the BIOS for the wrong value.

Quick Fix

In the best-case scenario, try to remember the older values and set your monitor for those values.

Cause 9: Your Graphic card Can be the Issue

The graphics card may be to blame if your monitor is not working. For instance, your monitor’s graphics card may not be installed properly or may not be working correctly.

Quick Fix

To fix this issue, check if it sits fine in the slot. For this purpose,

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Step 1 Cut Off Electric Supply

Turn off your monitor and PC and disconnect the power cable.

Step 2 Check The Graphics Card

Open the side cover of your PC and examine the graphics card. You probably don’t need to go through this process if your PC has an integrated graphics card.


Step 3 Place The Graphic Card Properly

Move the graphics card and press it back as it should. Afterward, tighten the screws. If your graphics card is a problem, your monitor will beep when turning on.



Figure 3. Graphics card fixing

Wrapping Up

Hope these causes and fixes help pull your monitor out of the not-turn-on situation. But if your monitor has a cause more complicated than these, ‌look for an expert or better to change your monitor.

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But before moving on, it’s essential to check your monitor for these quick fixes to save your money and time. Whatever fixes work for you, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.


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