Looking to rent a boat? You can certainly compare it with the car rental procedure. Most people do not know where to start when it comes to renting a boat. Several companies help you in providing the boats to the individuals on a rental basis. Renting a boat becomes easier with these platforms as these are easy to use and customers get plenty of options to choose from. Generally, boats come in different sizes and shapes. Most people raise the question about hiring a boat as they feel buying a boat is the most convenient option.  Here we are going to discuss a few of the reasons to rent the boat. 

1. Purchasing boats is an expensive affair

The upfront cost that needs to be paid for purchasing the boat is quite higher. The amount could be in thousands of dollars depending upon the type of boat that you are selecting. The surf boats or wake boats can easily cost you around $100,000. If you wish to eat or sleep on a cruise then it can cost you anywhere around $20,000 per foot depending upon the type of cruise that you select.

A good nice yacht of around 40feet can easily cost you around $800,000. Buying additional accessories like life jackets can also cost you a bomb. Paying such a huge amount to buy these boats could be an expensive matter especially if you are not using them frequently. Hence it is always recommended to get the boat on rent whenever required. 

2. The value of boats depreciates

Most of the people use boats as their second home since it is considered a great waterfront property. But the value of boats depreciates the way it does for cars. It loses value over time. Generally, boats do not measure their usage in miles. Instead, it considers the number of hours the engine has run. If you get the boat on rent then it can offer you a long-term value.

3. Can enjoy a variety of boats with rental 

One of the best reasons to get the boats on rent is to get the different boats for different reasons. If you wish to spend the day for fishing then you can get the fishing boat. If you are planning a weekend gateway then you can get the yacht or sailboat. By renting a boat you can get the exclusive boat for every occasion without paying any hefty price. 

4. No maintenance cost 

Buying a boat does not only involve its purchase cost but it also asks for heavy maintenance. Generally, boats require a lot of maintenance. The material used for building the boat is out in the elements all the time. Hence it needs to be water-resistant and constant exposure. The elements can take a toll on the surface of the boat whether it is sitting in the backyard or the marina. Also, you would need to pay the hefty storage charges for the warehouse as well to keep the boat apart from the regular insurance cost. When you rent the boat, you do not have to worry about the maintenance cost, warehouse charges, or insurance cost. 

5. Guilt-free exit 

You feel guilty when you own the boat and do not use it. The biggest benefit of hiring the boat is you do not have to feel guilty and you are not owning it and keep it as it is. You can rent the boat whenever you need as per your requirement. 

6. Idle time for up to 92% 

According to the data, the boat owners use their boats around only 8% of the time in a whole year. Hence 92% of the time the boat remains idle. This can also add up to the expense as one needs to pay for the maintenance, insurance cost, and warehouse charges. Renting a boat requires you to pay only hourly charges for the boat. You would not have to worry about other expenses. Hence this is considered as the best option to rent the boat rather than owning it.

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