If you have reptiles as a pet at your home then you would always wonder about what to feed them. There are several commercial food options available in the market which can fulfil their nutritional needs. But they do need live foods as part of their diet. But as a layman, you might not have any idea about what to feed them when it comes to living food. Here we are going to talk about some of the live food options that you can get for your reptile pets. 

Brown Crickets 

Brown Crickets are known as one of the most popular live foods for reptiles. They are known to be rich in nutrition and are widely available. These are available at a very cheap price. Hence this could the best option if you are on a budget. You would get a different variety of brown crickets in terms of size. These brown crickets can be fed to dragons, geckos, and basilisks. These crickets are easily available at PetStock


Locusts are also known as Hoppers. These are known as close contenders for the most popular live foods available for reptiles in the market. They come in vibrant colours and are highly active. Hence, they are considered as the great living food options available for reptiles. Locusts are known as the best options for chameleons and bearded dragons. These are known as relatively expensive and are widely known as crickets. They are also high in nutrition and considered the best reptile diet. These insects are known as staple reptile diet. This type of live food is considered the best option for chameleons due to its vibrant colouration. 


Mealworms are known as the most popular options available in Live food. These are small worms that are rich in protein and moisture content. These mealworms can be feed to many reptiles. These mealworms can make a great addition to their diet. These mealworms are relatively smaller in size and can be fed in the feeding dish. Hence you do not need to worry about getting it out of the plate. This is considered the best option for amphibians and juvenile reptiles. 

Dubai Cockroaches 

Dubai Cockroaches are known as known to be rich in nutrients, protein, and moisture. Hence, they make a brilliant treat for various reptiles.  These are known as the steak of the wood and can be a good option for reptiles. Most of the people feed Dubai Cockroaches to bearded dragons and skinks. These cockroaches come in various sizes that range from 5 mm to adult. These can be fed to reptiles of different ages and can be a good variety in the diet of your reptiles. 


Calciworms are the new addition to the list of live foods. It is becoming highly popular in the market. Similar to mealworms these Calciworms also consist of good moisture and protein content. Apart from these it also consists of calcium content. For those reptiles who need calcium, this can be the best pick in terms of live food. You can feed this to the reptiles who face issues with calcium deficiency and it makes sure your pet gets the required amount of calcium every day from the diet. But these can not be the exact substitute for calcium supplements. 

Fruit Flies 

Fruit Flies are known as live food that is contained in a box with a small opening. It is considered the best addition to the amphibian enclosures. It takes around 3 weeks to hatch these fruit flies by providing them food. You can simply put a small slice of fruit or eggs and you will get the fruit flies over it. You can repeat the procedure till the time you need it. These fruit flies are considered the best option for toads and frogs apart from other small amphibians due to being inexpensive and full of nutrients. These fruit flies are full of nutrients and you can feed them as much as you can.

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