Birmingham is an important city in England’s West Midlands region with 2,626,374 people as per 2021 estimates. If you have business in Birmingham, you can use Flyers and leaflets to promote your business. 

A flyer can be a single piece of paper with a printed message, while a leaflet can have a single page or multiple pages, and they are handed over to the person in folded form. Here are some ways to improve sales with leaflet distribution Birmingham

  • Make Your Message Clear

Flyer or leaflet distribution campaigns can be successful only if the flyer conveys a strong message. The marketing company managing the campaign needs to convey the message creatively, clearly, and quickly. When you are using flyers or leaflets to increase sales, visualise the message. If you are promoting a product, make sure the leaflet has some attractive pictures highlighting the product’s features.

Strong messages have a higher impact on the prospective customer’s mind, and it helps the individual take decisions almost immediately. The message should be focused on the campaign objective. 

  • Repetition, Repetition
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Birmingham City (proper) spreads across 267 square kilometres with a population just above 1 million. The metropolitan area of Birmingham covers 598 square kilometres and has a population of 4,332,629. If you consider these figures, the density of the population is around 4,200 people per square kilometre. 

Success is not always accomplished on the first attempt. Don’t expect a bevvy of calls after your first leaflet distribution. Just because the customer did not call you after receiving the leaflet the first time does not mean that your campaign failed. When you are consistent and persistent in your efforts, the customers will consider your offers.

  • Target Limited High-Quality Prospects at a Time
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Successful flyers and leaflet distribution in Birmingham can increase business sales only after dropping leaflets and flyers regularly on the prospective customer’s doorstep. 

When people repeatedly read your flyers and the offer, they are more likely to buy your product. Instead of distributing 25,000 flyers at once, contact 5000 prospects five times. This strategy is expected to work better. 

  • Focus On Customer and Not Company 

Birmingham is an industrial base of England that has enjoyed commercial success over the years. It has registered growth in the private sector in recent years, and the industry mainly comprises metal and engineering companies. It is home to the largest vehicle manufacturing industry in the UK. 

No matter how excellent your customer service is, the prospective customer will only be interested in what you offer through flyers and leaflets. When designing the flyer or leaflet, focus on the offer and how the customer will benefit. For example, if you offer a product at a discounted price, don’t forget to mention the savings. It will make your offer more irresistible. Don’t forget to include your logo, address, and your contact number. It will help in strengthening your brand.

  • Clear Call to Action
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As per 2017 statistics, Birmingham’s young population stands at 199,390. If you compare Birmingham with other cities in the country, it has a comparatively younger population. The statistics show 46% of the city’s population is under 30 years old. 

The flyer should have a clear call to action related to the objective and appeals to every age group. Mention clearly in the leaflet what you want prospects to do.

  • Do you want them to telephone? In that case, the call-to-action statement will be: call now to <number>
  • Do you want them to email? In that case, the call-to-action statement would be: write to us at<email address>
  • Do you want them to visit your property? In that case, the call-to-action statement would be: visit us at<shop address>

To sum up, these are some ways you can increase sales through flyers and leaflet distribution in Birmingham.

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