Apple leaves out a lot of information regarding its products. When using an iPhone, you may notice that some text messages appear in a blue circle while others appear in a green circle. Not just for show, Apple’s messaging app shows whether you’re using SMS or iMessage when sending a message. Apple’s iMessage allows users to send and receive text messages from their iPhones, iPads, and Macs via the Internet.


In 2017, Apple introduced iMessage applications, which add all kinds of useful new features to the messaging program. With iMessage, you can enjoy iMessage games, among other things, and more than send and receive text, audio, image, and video conversations. With iOS 16 on everyone’s radar, iMessage will likely get some improvements. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you probably did not know about the service that will help you unlock the full potential of iMessage.

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1.  Pin messages

Is it hard to locate what you’re looking for when you attempt to access conversations? iPad and iPhone owners may now “pin” their most used or preferred chats to the top of the screen. You may now pin talks to the top of the list thanks to iOS 14 and the Big Sur updates. They appear as enormous, round symbols that stick to the top of the list until you move them. This way, you won’t have to waste time scrolling through endless conversations to get to them. Whether it’s SMS, MMS, or iMessages, you can pin individual and group conversations to the top of Messages.

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2.  Undo messages

You may now remove whole paragraphs without repeatedly pressing the backspace key. Eliminate any traces of your text messages by shaking your device and selecting Undo from the pop-up menu. With iOS 16, users can retract or alter sent iMessages for up to 15 minutes after they have sent them. When you click “Unsend,” the message will vanish and be replaced with “You unsent a message.” The receiver must also use iOS 16 for the update to take effect. This function is also helpful if you accidentally send a message to the incorrect individual.

3.  Share location

This feature is a function that comes in useful when meeting up with somebody and for safety considerations. By selecting the “i” icon in the upper-right corner and “Send My Current Location,” iMessage allows you to reveal your location to other people effortlessly. One step to make this process even quicker is to type “my location is” and press the middle of the prediction bar. Instantly, the person you’re messaging will be able to see exactly where you are. If you prefer using Google Maps, we recommend downloading the Google Maps iMessage app and activating it instead.

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4.  Enjoy quicker copy and paste

If you want to copy and paste some text, you would typically long-press the text, choose “Copy,” then select the text area you need to put it into and click “Paste.” At times, copying and pasting might be a nuisance. However, iMessage provides a more reasonable option for performing this task. Instead, you may rapidly copy and paste the text by pressing and holding it and dragging it to the place you want it to go. Additionally, you may choose several messages by pressing them after removing one. You may pick numerous messages and export them whole from the iMessage into another application.

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5.  Use the subject line feature

Unlike emails, where the subject line is always visible, text messages seldom have such a feature. Subject lines can give iMessages and SMS messages that seem more professional and essential, just like they can do with emails. Go to the “Settings” menu, choose “Messages,” and turn on the “Show Subject Field” option. You’ll see the “Subject” area above the usual text box in every conversation thread. Whatever you put in the subject line will be highlighted in your and the recipient’s text messages. More than that, they provide storage and retrieval of previous communications.

SMS vs. iMessage

The original use of mobile phones allowed users to communicate through a wireless network, such as a cell phone service. The acronym “SMS” means “Short Message Service” when referring to this communication. You need a text messaging plan with your cellular provider to send and receive text messages.

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Apple’s iMessage is its instant messaging app that uses your data plan to send and receive messages over the Internet. We may send iMessages using a data plan or wireless Internet connection, and iMessaging has several useful extras that regular SMS doesn’t. When you send a message from your iPhone to a buddy who uses an Android device, it will transmit the message as a text message.


With iMessage, sending and receiving texts is entertaining. When it comes to Apple’s iMessage, there are a lot of details the company doesn’t disclose. There are a few more things you should know about iMessages, and here are just a few things. If you want to know more, please visit

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