It has been mentioned in several Epics, philosophical books, etc. that human psychology is such that it gives up just before the sunrise. It is so because the darkness just a moment before the sunrise is about to happen is the most black. It is no different in the case of preparations for exams and certifications.

Practices You Must Follow CAPM Exam Preparation

Exams can be demotivating and certifications can be tough but their intention is to polish the candidate so that he or she shines much brighter. If one is preparing afresh or has one or more unsuccessful attempts in the CAPM Training examination, below are the 5 aspects to carefully sort out and plan accordingly to get the best results.

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How to Pass Your CAPM Exam

CAPM is a certification provided by PMI or the Project Management Institute, London. The certification is purely based on the efficient management of several aspects of a project to maximize profit and minimize losses. The concepts CAPM project management constitutes is project initiation, its planning, its execution, its proper evaluation, documentation and closing. The knowledge areas that need to be mastered before one can achieve perfection in the above mentioned 5 steps are 10 in number and include project time, risk, scope, human resource, etc.

  • The certification exam contains 150 questions in total out of which only 135 are to be answered for marks. The rest are feedback questions.
  • The duration of the certification examination is only 3 hours.
  • There are specific prerequisites the aspirant must meet to apply for the certification examination such as – secondary degree plus 1500 hours in works of project management or a high school degree plus 23 hours of formal education streamlined in project management. While an aspirant who is a member of the PMI requires to pay only $ 225 while applying for the examination, a non – member requires to deposit a sum of $ 300 for the same purpose.
  • The certification test can appear in 14 different languages including that of English.
  • The exam does not have any sort of negative marking
  • To achieve the certificate successfully, one must attain at least 70% marks from the total.
  • Validity is for 3 years only.
  • Renewal may be by paying $ 150 or attaining 15 PDUs.
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Steps you need to watch out for before you leap to success

The prime thing is to give careful consideration to the requirements of the certification examination. In case you have not qualified for any of the requirements, or have intentionally provided wrong information; you are liable to be debarred from the examination. You may not be even allowed to appear in further examinations.

The perspiring phase: – It is no rocket science that every task in life requires hard work. But to do smart work instead of just hard work pays off more. Combine the knowledge sources in order to cover up more in less time and also to understand each concept better as every author has a different explaining technique.

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Develop the skills: – The skills required to become an outstanding project manager are numerous and not everyone can master them all. But try best to be excellent in critical thinking, analysing, communication, problem-solving, etc.

Mock tests are saviours: – Mock tests are the easy way out of exam preparations. A good time-limited mock test can prepare the candidate as well as 2 good months of practice.

Chalk out a strategy: – You are best as your last game. So proper planning as to how much time you require for every question, how much you should spend on revising, what to eat on the day before, how much to rest, which type of questions to go first, etc. will help you kick-start your career.

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Conclusion | Practices You Must Follow CAPM Exam Preparation

CAPM certification is neither everyone’s cup of tea nor is it an uphill task. The above five strategies should help one prepare well for the first or better than the first attempt in CAPM certification to launch off their career.

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